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Thursday, February 20, 2020 4:46:55 AM

Mercer embraces future, will broadcast game vs. Mercer junior guard Demetre Rivers flies in for a bucket. ET, and their game will be one of the first Division I college basketball games broadcast exclusively live on Facebook. The game will be streamed on the Mercer athletic page and shared by the Southern Conference, Atlantic 10 and Sports on Facebook, pages that altogether have more than 4 million likes and give the game potentially a worldwide audience.

Facebook Watch expands its relationship with Stadium

By Dave Wieneke December 3rd If you look through Periscope to see how healthcare marketers might use personal video, the picture is still fuzzy.

Atlantic 10 Women's Basketball Championship Preview

Twitter has been helping get people familiar with personal video for years. Facebook is starting with a huge advantage too, as its user base is more than 1. The result is that Facebook Live is already overwhelming the competition. Working with ABC News it averaged 8m live views for the three presidential debates.

18 Jan, 2017 The Chicago-based Stadium and Facebook NASDAQ: FB have collaborated through four separate agreements to stream more than live events on Facebook Watch over the past year, including college basketball and football from Conference USA , the Mountain West, Atlantic 10 and West Coast conferences, high school football and basketball, college-level Olympic sports, studio shows and even poker programming.
Streaming Options Like Facebook Live Puts Content Where Your Recruits Are What: 3 Fordham , , 8 game winning streak v.
Utah State Men’s Basketball to Face Davidson in The broadcast, which lasted nearly an hour, is included below. It touched on a number of topics, including football and basketball scheduling, the potential for an indoor practice facility for the athletic department and, much more.

Event tools make brands more welcome While television networks and sports franchises may use Facebook as a broadcast platform, its real potential is for brand marketers who are hungry to extend their customer relationships and cultural relevance.

For instance, hosts can now create links for events up to a week in advance, so they can be embedded in ads, blog posts, and links for social media.

facebook live sports

And as audiences gather, Facebook now provides a lobby experience so events can kick off with their audience in place. And healthcare marketers around the US are already giving this a go.

The results so far have been impressive.

Facebook to exclusively broadcast 47 college basketball games, in partnership with Stadium

The Affordable Care Act live chat has been replayed more than 2, times. CHW reports many doctors are now requesting to do recurring sessions. Yes, just as I advocated three years ago, personal video is helping to bring real people forward to humanize their professions and the organizations they are part of.

Mercer embraces future, will broadcast game vs. Davidson on Facebook Live

Some medical staff have picked up the microphone and camera with a zeal. Damania found a path to become a healthcare rapper, educator, and provocateur for inventing better ways to deliver care. Take it from Mr.

Eric Topol , who says Dr. Damania is connecting with patients with a credibility that our industry could take a lesson from.

Why Facebook Live Is a Healthy Move for Healthcare Marketing

So, as you think about smart ways to build brands in the new year, combining the personal connections of Facebook with the personal emgagement of video is more than a bright shiny object.

After all, Facebook could change its terms, or the visibility it gives these streams.

  • For the Daytona , they started the season with four two-hour Facebook Live shows at Media Day with more than 40 drivers appearing as guests. This is a paid service available only to NBA League Pass subscribers, and it provides live, close-up footage of NBA games that is designed for smaller screens.
  • November 18th, by Javier Morales 0 In this growing mobile-technology world, it is wise to think of how people, particularly those recruits in high school, can view a product on the screen of their cell phone as opposed to a inch high-definition TV. The thought process for college administrators should not be only about television packages with any of the major networks, but also about how a school or conference can be presented on an iPhone or Android device.
  • The league will distribute 15 live contests, including five George Mason games, on the platform during the season. The conference package on Facebook Live begins on the season's opening night, Nov.
  • May 2, Why Facebook Live Is a Healthy Move for Healthcare Marketing While most healthcare brands have been hesitant to get involved with online video streaming, Facebook Live may be the remedy to their uncertainties. In contrast, YouTube only drew less than three million viewers, while Twitter had fewer than one million.

Why be dependent? Empathetic marketers should recognize the value of being proximate to their audience, and the chance for ongoing contact that brings. And as Facebook continues to create increasingly useful tools to manage, promote and capture live events, the combination of audience and tools will be an attractive opportunity for brands seeking engagement.

Two Dayton Flyers games to air on Facebook Live

That makes this a natural move for healthcare organizations. Few industries require the level of trust and attention that healthcare does.

Minutemen AD Ryan Bamford answers fan questions on Facebook Live

So its no surprise that some of its leaders are looking at Facebook Live as a way to build these relationships. And for those of us not already trying this out, it may be time to tune-in.

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