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Play Fleeng The Complex Game If you are checking out this game probably you love to play this unique sport named American football. From the moment you start playing this amazing game, you will see that you made the right choice. How can you know that? Well, firstly this game has an amazing full 3D graphics which brings one very unique experience. When you start playing this game, you can choose your favorite American Football Team and start playing season mode or some quick match.

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If you enjoy football tactics, and think you could one day make a great coach, then you need to knuckle down to some dedicated practice.

Axis Football League Game

Axis Football League is an amazingly-detailed, interactive 3D football game where you play against the computer, and test your game management skills in either once-off quick matches or in an NFL-style season campaign.

This is no little-league football challenge — There are almost 50 different types of plays on the offense and defense side - which means that you can alter your gameplan to suit a dynamite quarterback, a dominant running game, a high-intensity defensive line, and more!

This authentic virtual sports game features really good 3D graphics that make you feel part of the action while the incredibly-detailed play book could have been taken from the secret tactics manual of any top College or NFL team!

Super-fast reactions with quick mouse-clicking and keyboard tapping skills are absolutely essential when the ball is in play, but your in-game management strategy is equally important.

Remember, you play the multiple roles of the head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and special teams manager of your team.

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All of the "awesome" tactics must come from you. Now, have you got the steel to steer your team to ultimate glory?

Choose between two distinct game modes where you play against the computer: Quick Match, or Season Mode. In Quick Match, you play a once-off game, while in Season Mode, you enter a grueling game season with the top 8 in the league qualifying for the playoffs.

Select from 32 different teams which are similarly named to favorite NFL franchises e.

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Denver Stallions, Miami Orcas etc. Whether you are in Quick Match or Season Mode, all matches last for 2 five-minute halves, with 1 minute periods of overtime if the game is tied.

When the game begins, control your players using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on the play category from the list at the top of the play book, and then choose the specific formation you want your side to be in.

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Once you break into formation, click Spacebar to snap the ball into action. If you have chosen a passing play, aim using your mouse cursor, and Left Click to throw the pass.

Press Spacebar for a temporary speed burst.

For defensive plays, Left Click to change the player that you control. When kicking the ball field goal, kick off, or punt , press Spacebar when the arrow meter is at the desired power level, and then press Spacebar again to determine the direction of the kick.

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See you in the trenches! Thank you for visiting our games site.

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Important Message to users of Chrome browser v42 and versions above v Unfortunately, your version of Chrome currently does not support the plugin for this game. To play this game, visit this page using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.

Thank you.

  • Robert Martinez 6 days ago Axis Football is a 3D American Football Simulation that features realistic gameplay and an expansive franchise mode. Axis Football will be our fourth annual release Steam and the first in which we will release on consoles PS4, Xbox One.
  • Axis Football arrives on Xbox One — without a licence — but featuring a robust franchise mode where you can take any of the 36 teams on offer for a spin at winning the championship.
  • Choose from 32 team and play in either season mode or quick match against AI or local multiplayer. A great alternative to Madden, Axis Football features excellent controls and a unique aimed passing system that gives unprecedented accuracy and control of where the ball is thrown.
  • Coach mode Upgraded camera movement Ah, missed that.
  • WhatsApp When playing Axis Football 17, there was always something sitting in the back of my mind whenever I loaded up.
  • High school can be a difficult time in the life of a teenager, especially nowadays. Playing football in high school taught me grave lessons and gave me some of my greatest memories, a few I still carry with me today.

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