How To Watch Sunday Football Online

Friday, February 14, 2020 12:02:40 PM

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How to Watch Sunday Night Football Online

America's gridiron game is a way of life for folks all around the country, and fans will do just about anything to catch their team in person or get their hands on the latest jerseys and merchandise. So perhaps it's not surprising that cable companies are holding out hope that the NFL will help them fight cord cutting.

Unfortunately for them, it's easy to watch the NFL online — and even for free — without cable. Today, we're here to show you how to watch NFL games without cable. We'll lay out everything you need to know in order to catch the games live and watch the NFL, no cable required.

In order to give you access to the NFL without cable, we're going to show you how to watch TV without cable. Specifically, we're going to talk about how to access the channels that have the NFL coverage that you crave.

So, naturally, we should first take a moment to figure out which channels those are. We'll also look at NFL Network , which sometimes has exclusive games.

13 Ways to Watch Football without Cable TV

Getting all of those will ensure that you catch every NFL game of the season, including playoff games and the Super Bowl. So how can we watch all of these channels — and therefore watch NFL games — without cable? Read on!

The first is free over-the-air TV, which we'll explain in more detail when we get to the relevant section of our list below.

Patriots Vs Texans Live Stream: Time, How To Watch Sunday Night Football Online

To avoid repeating ourselves every time skinny bundles appear on our list, let's spend a moment now going over what, exactly, a skinny bundle actually is. Skinny bundles offer TV fans the same thing that cable and satellite companies do: live TV.

A skinny bundle service is a multichannel service, which means that it gives you access to a bunch of different live channels. The channel lineups vary a bit from service to service, but the selections tend to be good.

You'll have to pay if you want a skinny bundle subscription, but the prices are much better than cable. Plus, skinny bundles trim down the bulky cable bundles, earning their nicknames by offering subscribers nothing-but-the-hits selections of top-notch channels.

How To Watch Sunday Night Football From Abroad, Barbados Football Association

Unlike cable, skinny bundles won't force you to pay for channels you don't even watch. Part of the reason skinny bundles are so innovative is that they're streaming online. Without regional cable monopolies, they're forced to actually compete for your business.

Imagine that! On top of this, the fact that skinny bundles are streaming services means that you can watch them on all sorts of different devices. Want to watch NFL games on the go? With a skinny bundle, you can. Our list below will cover all of the best ways to watch NFL games online and over-the-air without cable.

We'll start with a bunch of skinny bundles, and then we'll move on to cover other streaming services and free over-the-air TV. Are you ready? Here's how to watch NFL games without cable.

Not sure if it's right for you? It is, unfortunately, missing ESPN — a pretty major oversight for a sports centric skinny bundle. Unfortunately, as of this writing, Sling TV does not have the major networks.

It does, however, have a great free trial program: check it out by clicking the link below, and watch some NFL games for free before your billing period starts!

The only one we're missing here is NFL Network. You can check out YouTube TV for free by clicking on the link in this section and signing up for the service's free trial offer.

Free over-the-air TV Free over-the-air TV is one of the most powerful tools in any cord-cutter's arsenal. With nothing more than an antenna and a TV, you can pick up broadcast stations in your area.

And you know what stations are broadcast stations? An over-the-air antenna will net you every Sunday game all season long.

FOX Sports live games and streaming video

That's a pretty amazing dose of NFL games for free without cable! With this strategy, you can do something that even skinny bundles won't let you do: stream NFL games free online, legally. Subscribers get access to on-demand content from CBS. More importantly for our purposes here, a CBS All Access subscription will give subscribers in select markets access to a live feed of their local CBS station.

Check out the service by clicking the link below and signing up for CBS All Access' free trial offer. NFL Mobile The NFL's mobile app is essential this year, because the league is allowing mobile users to stream live local games for free.

Once a Verizon exclusive, this live streaming is now for everyone with an iOS or Android smartphone as long as they're within their team's market. Local and nationally televised games are both included.

How to watch NFL live stream football with a VPN

This solution is small-screen only, but it's a huge leap for the NFL in the cord-cutting era. The beauty of cord-cutting solutions besides all the money you save is that they empower you to watch what you want when you want — and on almost any device you choose.

So can you watch NFL games on Roku? What about Apple TV? Yes, yes, yes: the services and techniques we listed above will play nice with your favorite streaming devices.

NFL streaming: Best ways to watch football live without cable

Apple TV? Chromecast gets full support, too. Even video games sytems work. What about OTA? CBS All Access has great platform support, too. Is there any skinny bundle that will give you games outside your local area?

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