I Dint Want Ti Watch Football After Thanksgiving Dinner

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Prop Stylist: Amy Elise Wilson. To avoid a traffic jam, there has to be a mix of items made on the stovetop and items made in the oven, a mix of room-temp items and hot items. When it comes to what makes the cut, I am an unapologetic traditionalist on this day and this day only.

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Alcohol often plays a big role in Thanksgiving celebrations across the U. However, experts tell Bustle that a bit of preparation can help you do Thanksgiving sober. As the sober person at every dinner party, I can attest that all it takes is some planning.

How To Do Thanksgiving Sober, According To Experts

Making other people comfortable has to come second — even if Grandma doesn't understand why you're refusing her holiday punch for the fifth time. With the proper preparation, sober Thanksgivings can be a blast, and serve as a year-round reminder that you don't need to have alcohol for a good holiday experience.

Here are seven tips for navigating a sober Thanksgiving successfully, whether you're hosting or celebrating as a guest.

If you're exhausted, it may be more difficult to tackle sobriety at big family occasions, so it's important to lay the groundwork beforehand and give yourself the best possible chance at the table.

The better you feel physically, the better you will feel emotionally.

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Have Scripts Ready — For Yourself And Others You may be dreading the conversations about your sobriety at the Thanksgiving table, but you can get through them successfully.

Paulson suggests having rehearsed answers on hand. It can be a good idea to enlist a partner or relative to do help if the conversation gets too probing.

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  • I love Thanksgiving dinner, but the men in my family need to step it up Stop watching football for five minutes and come help your wives with the dishes.
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  • Our Thanksgiving Guide provides tips on everything from how to use Alexa in the kitchen to refreshing your holiday menu to entertaining the whole family and more. Read on to find out all the ways Prime can make your holiday fun, memorable and stress-free.

It's also kind to let your host know about your sobriety before you turn up, so that they can make sure they aren't covering your food options with alcoholic glazes.

When you experience an urge or craving, you can step outside and call this person. Better yet, bring a sober buddy with you, if possible!

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If you're not drinking for other reasons, it's valuable to have people onside to support you and help you vent. Make Sure You Have Options Hosting Thanksgiving makes life a bit easier for sober people because it guarantees that there will be a non-alcoholic option on the table.

People who are going home for Thanksgiving, Paulson suggests, should provide something for themselves. That way, it's easy to make the absence of alcohol an afterthought," event planner Lauren Grech tells Bustle.

Suggest New Traditions Some of the traditions at your family's house may be difficult — like drinking beer and watching football after Thanksgiving dinner.

Forewarned is forearmed, so plan for this ahead of time; have your own non-alcoholic drink ready, or simply slip away or help with washing-up. If people in your family might be up for a change, you can also be proactive and talk about changing the day's schedule.

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You can also plan a family-friendly activity that doesn't involve alcohol. Hosting the event means you have a bit less control over your escape plan, but also means you have built-in breathing room: going to check the cooking, clean up or supervise visiting children for a bit is all part of the job, but it also gets you away from the pressure for a bit.

With some planning, sober Thanksgiving can be pretty awesome — complete with delicious non-alcoholic seasonal mocktails and some proper holiday cheer. And that's surely something to be thankful for.

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