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Click to print Opens in new window In this Huntington Beach home, the living room TV can be angled and is mounted on the wall, as are the speakers. With plenty of seating and tables, dark-colored curtains and a lamp off to the side help eliminate glare on the screen. According to a report by the Global Web Index, 56 percent of all U.

Live Football On TV

These 20 man caves will be sure to inspire you to turn your garage into the ultimate sports watching arena. Football season is upon us, and with it, the unavoidable desire to park it in front of a TV and take in every down, tackle, kick and fumble.

While your den or living room might make for a serviceable television destination the rest of the year, football season calls for a special place uniquely suited for the demands of binge watching sports. Enter, the man cave. But what if you don't have a room in your house available for such a service?

And what if you're looking to truly set your man cave apart from the crowd?

Football Decor

May we suggest the garage? Think about it: an arena that we mostly associate with testosterone and the masculine creation of cars, tools and grease slicks. What more perfect place to elevate to than a room full of comfort and style.

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  • As a two-decade season-ticket holder, my dad is taking my entire family — except for me — to the Bears game tonight.
  • The age-old question: when you're on the market for a new television, what really is the best TV out there? With so many sets appearing every year, each building on the improvements of its predecessors, even the best TVs are always under threat by new releases — and as high-resolution screens and advanced picture processing becomes the norm, it's harder than ever to suss out which sets really do have the upper hand.
  • When you add in games from the FA Cup, League Cup, Football League , Champions League, Europa League, European and global leagues, as well as all the highlights packages, is there a chance that we are reaching saturation point? Football has not always been this way.
  • Scott Jenkins It seems like one man room wasn't enough for The King, so he created two more in the basement of Graceland. On the public tour, you can visit both the billiard room and the basement living room, referred to as the TV room.
  • You could purchase shades or blinds , but who really wants to sit in the dark anyway? Before you purchase a new TV, make sure you take the environment into consideration.

It not only functions as the perfect place to watch the game, but allows you to kick back and relax any time. Garage man cave or the more standard variety , no two man caves are alike.

Set up your living room for watching football

They're defined by the interests and passions of their inhabitants. So let your imagination run wild, and see if you can find inspiration in one of these 20 ultimate DIY man cave garage ideas. The Swivel Cave Nothing says man cave like leather seating on a hydraulic lift.

In this case, the lift can spin the seats around to face either a theater-style screen or a multiple TV display to take in all the games.

The Best TV for a Bright Room

The Memorabilia Cave If you're game fan enough to create a custom man cave, chances are you've got a decent collection of memorabilia from your favorite team or teams. You might as well show it off. The Casino Cave If you're looking for a swank place to enjoy a game of baccarat, while the other game wages on the field, try this marble-floored, Tucson-tiled beauty on for size.

Crystal decanters and red velvet wallpaper add a touch of class to your Sunday lineup.

Other Rooms Touchdown! From nurseries for the tiniest fans to a home theater complete with a swiveling platform, the game of football is front and center in these sports-focused spaces.

Musical ability not required. The Lights, Camera, Action Cave With luxury leather seating, state-of-the-art projection and surround sound, this movie lovers' paradise is ready for its walk down the red carpet. The Car Cave Whoever said garages have to be grease-stained sweatboxes?

The Collectors Cave No need to deny your inner geek. Let your nerd flag fly.

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This man-child utopia offers itself as a display room with built-in shelving for all your favorite action figures.

What better way to watch your grown-up heroes battle it out on the field than in close proximity to your childhood idols. The Underwater Cave This water-filled grotto comes complete with a swim-up bar, waterfalls, underwater seating area, grotto kitchen and flagstone patio with outdoor television and sound system.

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This space has everything you need for an exotic, deep-sea adventure in your own backyard. The Hogs Heaven Cave Get your engines revved up for kickoff in this room decked out with vintage gas pump, drink cooler, flat-panel TV and tool chests. Indoor motorcycle parking included. The Sports Paradise Cave Any respectable armchair quarterback and fantasy football commissioner knows that watching just one game on any given Sunday is like eating just one potato chip, i.

Best TV for Football Do You Need 4K UHD for NFL Games?

With multiple screens, football memorabilia lining the walls and comfortable leather chairs for you and your friends, this room is truly an MVP. The Hunting Lodge Cave A warm fire, a shot of whisky, a good hand at poker and running the billiards table are all things that can be found in this Western-themed refuge, complete with an audience of deer to watch the game with you.

The Bat Cave Home theaters are often themed, and this comic superhero-inspired cinema room takes it to the next level, with faux stalactite formations and a telltale logo screen cover.

The Lucky Strike Cave Clean contemporary design and side-by-side bowling lanes are the hallmark of this classic space for entertaining, game play and game watching.

Be the first on your block to sponsor a league right in your own home.

The 7 Best 4k TVs For Watching Sports

The Ultimate Escape Cave One day, you want to play pool. The next day, you want to play cards. What to do? Build out a room that has it all. The Hole In One Cave A state-of-the-art projection system and tracking technology make playing a round of golf this link is broken from the comfort of your home a reality.

Now you can play a round at Pebble Beach then Pinehurst in the same afternoon. Have the world's most exclusive courses at your fingertips - no caddy required.

The Premium Liquor Cellar Cave Dark wood paneling, glass shelving containing ornate glassware, floor-to-ceiling wine coolers and ample bottles of premium liquor make the perfect entertaining space for the reserved, dapper gentleman. Strike up a game of backgammon and chess during the halftime lull.

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The Bumper Car Cave No one likes sitting in traffic, but sitting behind a desk made from a classic car gives new meaning to being in the drivers seat.

This bespoke desk is attention grabbing and a real conversation starter, lending your man cave a truly unique design.

The Trophy Cave Watch your team go wild on the field among the wildlife!

Filled with trophies of conquests posed in museum-quality scenes, this room provides a unique man cave experience for big-game hunters and non-hunters alike.

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