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See also: Category:Sports mascots in the United States and Native American mascot controversy As with college and professional football teams, most high school teams in every state have a mascot or team name.

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Many are generic allusions conveying an image sense of strength, speed, or bravery. Thus, pluralized team names such as Tigers, Eagles, Wildcats, Trojans, and Warriors are fairly common throughout the country.

Other team names, however, have a historical connection to the town or area where the high school or school district is located, such as a locally important industry. Many new schools, or schools that had merged with other schools, have allowed their students to vote on a new school mascot or team nickname.

State basketball tournament: Where to watch it online, and on TV

Coverage by broadcast media[ edit ] Because of high school football's mostly limited regional appeal, and because most games take place during prime time albeit during the Friday night death slot , television exposure of high school football on both a local and national basis tends to be limited to championship games only, or for the regular season to the lower-tier stations in a market such as a MyNetworkTV affiliate or independent television station where no critical programming would be pre-empted, where the game chosen for coverage may be put up to a public vote.

Local public access cable television and local radio stations often air regular season contests, and in some cases, the school's own radio station or a nearby college broadcasts the game using student announcers.

High school football is often an integral part of the modern full service radio format, which centers on local information; radio's prime times are traditionally earlier in the day , and there is far less risk of preemption, since many stations would otherwise be automated or off the air during the times high school football games are played, or air much less popular evening talk shows.

There has also been a marked increase in recent years of web-based media covering high school sporting events.

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In many television markets, local stations will air 30 or minute 'scoreboard' shows following their late Friday newscast with scores and highlights from games in their coverage area. Many national media outlets have been producing national high school football rankings, including High School Football America, which has been releasing its Top 25 since One example is the University Interscholastic League , which governs public school sports in Texas.

The Sports Broadcasting Act of and Public Law , which govern the antitrust exemptions given to the National Football League , prohibit the broadcasting of NFL games within 75 miles of any high school football game on Friday nights between September and early December.


Because most populated areas of the United States have at least one high school football game within a mile radius, and because broadcasting is an integral part of the NFL's business model roughly half of the league's revenue comes from television contracts , this effectively prohibits the playing of NFL games in competition with high school football.

These rules do not apply during preseason , when Friday night games are common, nor does it apply at the end of the season, though the only time regular season games are played on Friday in the NFL is on Christmas.

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Only recently have national sports television channels fully capitalized on this rule; since , the ESPN family of networks usually the sub-networks ESPN2 , ESPNU and online broadcaster ESPN3 , although the main channel also shows occasional games has aired regular season matchups between nationally ranked teams under the High School Showcase banner.

Fox Sports 1 also included high school football in its lineup when it launched in Portrayals in movies, television, and literature[ edit ] Hollywood portrayals of high school football, whether comedies or dramas , often portray the game at the center of a small town's existence and the focus of its attention.

Also see Jock subculture All the Right Moves — A film about a western Pennsylvania football player desperate to earn the scholarship that would enable him to escape his economically depressed town.

American Dreams — "JJ" Pryor is a star high school football running back in the show, and many of the early episodes centered on his games. Quarterback Princess — starring Helen Hunt. A movie based on a small town girl whose family moved into a football town and becomes the local high school's starting quarterback.

The Best of Times — A film based on an actual rivalry and game between small town Taft High School Rockets Wildcats and the larger and highly successful Bakersfield High School Tigers Drillers who actually have the California high school record for most wins, most section titles, and most State titles.

Bleachers — A novel published in Rake with wins, 61 losses, and 13 state championships under his belt is on his deathbed, and many of his former players return to Messina to say goodbye.

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The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game — A book by Michael Lewis , partly on the evolution of the offensive left tackle position and partly on the life of Michael Oher , including his high school career, his adoption by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy , and his college recruitment.

Dazed and Confused — A film set in Texas in It is not a true high school football movie, but the main character Randy "Pink" Floyd, played by Jason London , is the starting quarterback at his high school and most of his friends play football as well.

Facing the Giants — A film revolving around high school football coach Grant Taylor and his issues on and off the field. Fast Times at Ridgemont High — A film not specifically about football, but whose minor character Charles Jefferson is a football star. During a big game, Charles unleashes his fury on rival "Lincoln High School", as he supposed Lincoln students had vandalized his prized car actually the result of reckless driving by Ridgemont's Jeff Spicoli.

  • The Cretin-Derham Hall senior forward came into Tuesday's Class 2A state quarterfinal game with a state-high 41 goals, but the Irish contained the Notre Dame commit, keeping her and the Raiders scoreless, to claim a victory at Farmington High.
  • The butcher shop vero beach florida Prep 45 photos Feb 22, That's how the celebration started Friday night as U-Prep beat West Valley, , to capture the first boys basketball Northern Section title in
  • Results from the WOW. Moreno signed with the Detroit Tigers as an international free agent in July and would spend all of and with the VSL Tigers.
  • May 17, A photo journal of all the excitement behind the scenes of the U.
  • De La Salle beat Folsom on the road last week after one-sided victories over St. Francis and Central Catholic-Fresno.
  • Fans that cannot attend the Minnesota State Wrestling Tournament in person can watch every match wrestled at the State Tournament live via webcast on.

In the end, however, the underdogs lost in the state semi-finals to Carter High School of Dallas. This book directly spawned two other media properties.

Friday Night Lights — A film whose plot is very similar to that of the book. Friday Night Lights — A television series that aired —, and was inspired by the above film.

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Two other media projects focused on events and issues surrounding the Carter team: Carter High — A film dramatization. Go Tigers! Gridiron Gang — A film about using football to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents. Johnny Be Good — A comedy film about the pressures of recruiting.

Lucas — A film about the coming of age of a small, intellectually gifted boy; one subplot revolves around his efforts to join the school's football team.

Valdosta High School in Valdosta, Georgia. Nike's Football is Everything television and print ad campaign of featuring numerous NFL stars and coaches as members of the fictional Marlin Briscoe High School Hawks football team. Hanna High School football coach Harold Jones and a mentally challenged young man James Robert Kennedy, nicknamed "Radio", who becomes the team manager.

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