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To celebrate the 50th season of the Super Bowl, a gold-plated NFL logo and other various gold-themed promotions were used throughout the season. Jack Youngblood - Wikipedia en. Thirty teams competed in game regular season schedules from October 7, to April 10, The Stanley Cup playoffs following the regular season began on April 13 and ended June 12 with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning their fourth Stanley Cup.

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Quick Hit Football

While not as big as its predecessors, Quickhit does come with a multi-year license from the NFL, granting them legal rights to use NFL trademarks, teams, and names. According to the developers, Quickhit has already picked up more than a million users on Facebook.

Quickhit is very good at hooking new players. Rather, you actually direct the action, play by play.

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The game works similarly to the console Madden titles. You are given a play clock and a set number of plays, and must choose one before receiving a penalty. Once you choose the play, then the computer takes over and automates the process.

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Before these stats can be set, you actually have to sign up for Quickhit — the first game was a quick ploy to get the new user interested.

You can connect using credentials from a number of social networks including Facebook Connect. The Training in Quickhit will be familiar to social sports-manager game players.

  • Mathews wants to be clear--he's merely following LaDainian Tomlinson, not trying to replicate the great running back's career with the Chargers. The perennial champ of the genre, Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Sep 10, Originally posted by our friends at UGO. What if year after year EA revolutionized Madden?
  • But when that new game company hires big-name designers, producers and programmers from games like "NFL 2K5," "NCAA Football," and "Madden" to work on a new PC football title, well, that completely changes everything, and any sports gamer would be doing themselves a disservice not to take notice. Especially when the game is free.
  • Gameplay[ edit ] Quick Hit Football gameplay revolves around the user's coaching ability.
  • A couple of miles away, at a company called Quick Hit Inc. They hope to soon grow that number into the millions, as they launch the first massive, multiplayer online video game designed for football junkies.
  • Madden had already become so complex several years ago that only people who studied it like the Talmud could actually play the game competently.

Instead, the game allows you to spend a currency called CP Coaching Points to improve the lineup you already have. These points are earned by playing games and completing various challenges. The higher your level, the more you can train an individual team member.

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Each individual player on your team has a set level, which indicates their training level. As this number increases, the CP cost also grows. Higher levels also unlock new skills.

The game also has a number of interesting challenges for you to overcome. These add a great deal of longevity to the game. These play more or less the same as the single-player matches.

Quick Hit scores NFL license for online football games

Players are also sorted by their relevant skill levels Easy, Medium, or Hard. Once in a game, there is a built in chat system, and there are competitive leaderboards for both the single and multiplayer brackets. Monetization for Quickhit is a bit unusual.

There is a virtual currency called Quick Cash, used to buy new plays and the occasional Free Agent Player. The subscription comes with a monthly allowance of Quick Cash and Coaching Points.

  • Quickhit NFL Football attempts to change that with its online football game.
  • Madden NFL 19 gives you the option of playing against other gamers online, playing against friends on the same screen or just taking on the computer-controlled teams. You can go from the pre-season straight through to the Super Bowl playing as your favorite teams from the NFL or draft and trade until you get your ideal team.
  • No credit card is required.
  • Football Games to Play Can't get enough football? We've found all the best American football games that you can play online for free right in your browser and we've put them all in one place for you.
  • Quick hit football game online. But now Quick Hit has forged a deal with the NFL that gives it rights to all of the real teams, uniforms, and stadiums.
  • Image Credit: Image Credit: In fact, there's not even much gridiron action to worry about here. You pick your team, start with a basic playbook and roster of players and -- just like an MMO grind, grind, grind.

For some, this might be worth it, as the top-down, 2D view is rather drab and highly pixilated. However, the games in Quickhit are not particularly complex: pick play, watch play, repeat.

Quick Hit football video game gets NFL makeover

But this probably changes as you level up and opponents get tougher. In the end, Quickhit NFL Football is a nice, socially connected, title for those that enjoy the sports game genre.

It has a decent balance of management and in-game playmaking.

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