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Sunday, September 8, 2019 3:59:22 PM

But the best Thanksgiving tradition of all? Gathering around the TV for the most highly-anticipated sports matchups. Luckily, Xfinity has your ticket to all the games here. Checking out the NFL Thanksgiving schedule. Professional football teams playing on Thanksgiving Day dates back more than 80 years, often featuring well-known rivalries.

Best of all, there are so many ways to watch each of the games that will be airing this year.

How to stream Thanksgiving NFL games on your iPhone

Thanksgiving is all about tradition for many families. After dinner and the football games are over, you might end the night with one of your favorite Thanksgiving movies. Before we look at how you can watch each Thanksgiving Day game, you need to know when and where to watch them.

Anyone can use the following services for free.

  • The networks and platforms that broadcast the games, which are among the most watched on US TV, have complicated rights deals with the NFL that grant them specific matches on specific platforms in specific parts of the world. The contracts betray little logic to anyone outside the negotiating rooms.
  • Every NFL team as a classic Thanksgiving tradition Every NFL team as a classic Thanksgiving tradition Every NFL team as a classic Thanksgiving tradition By Chris Chase November 22, am By: Chris Chase November 22, am Perhaps more than any other holiday, Thanksgiving is one rich with traditions — from backyard football games with the family, to falling asleep during the Cowboys game, to spending four hours standing outside a Best Buy to save 40 bucks on a Kindle.
  • Like turkey and cranberry sauce, watching football is an integral part of the Thanksgiving day experience.
  • College and high school football teams began playing rivals in the late s during Thanksgiving — and some of these traditional matchups still continue to this day.

The games are limited to Apple and Android phones and tablets. NFL on Yahoo Sports Watching the football game on Yahoo Sports is as easy as enabling location services on your phone and streaming the game you want to watch.

Yahoo Sports offers local and primetime games on your phone or tablet.

Which NFL Team Has Won the Most Thanksgiving Games?

Still, if you want a free option, this will allow you to watch this and other games. All of them are decent options and give you plenty of choices about where to stream the game. You can stream on most devices, so you can pick between watching on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV through many different streaming devices.

Again, this app works with many different streaming devices and you can sign in with both a cable provider and some streaming providers. The following options are all live streaming cable replacements.

These services provide an alternative to cable, are often more affordable, and provide additional options that cable may not offer. You can stream on most streaming and mobile devices.

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Local channels can be tricky on any streaming service and are often location-based. However, many areas do receive locals on fuboTV.

  • All three of the matchups are division rivalry games, and all three of the games feature matchups from the NFC. Bears at Lions p.
  • The great news for cord cutters is that all the games are broadcast for free via local Over-the-Air channels. And depending on your location and antenna setup , you could enjoy even more programs and channels without paying a dime for cable TV.
  • Good news — thanks to new streaming services, there are more ways to watch NFL games without cable than ever before! With new ways to stream football games online on your TV and on your mobile device, is shaping up to be the best year ever to watch NFL without cable or satellite TV.
  • One of the coolest parts about watching sports online is that you can watch them wherever you may be, as long as you have an Internet connection. Well, there are some limitations to this.

The main draw here, other than getting the free on-demand version of Hulu, is that they offer local channels to more cities than any other streaming service. They also have an amazing mobile app and a bottomless DVR.

You can stream on most devices, but Amazon Fire devices are not compatible. Have a great holiday and may the best team win!

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