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Sunday, September 8, 2019 7:24:23 AM

Do you have your local NBC affiliate? Unlike most of the sports apps, the NBC Sports app requires you to have certain channels in your plan to have access to some content. If you look in the schedule, down the right side at least in the versions I've checked there is a column of logos for various NBC properties NBCSN, Golf, Olympic, whatever - to get that content, you need to have a subscription to that channel with your authenticating provider.

How to Watch Cowboys

The big question: How much should the NFL really get from each?

How to Watch ‘Sunday Night Football’ Live Without Cable

How else can they monetize their rights? Along with those deals comes the chance to air the Super Bowl in a three-year rotation. Not too long ago, the networks sold out ad inventory the Super Bowl by mid-autumn.

For the past several years, the process has been much slower. In and , neither CBS nor Fox confirmed sell out status. CBS airs four games earlier in the season, delaying the launch of its highly rated Thursday-night schedule.

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NBC, on the other hand, gets to air games closer to the holiday season — and uses that fact to charge advertisers higher prices. But the average price of a second spot dipped 6. The broadcast network is expected to place more emphasis on live programming and sports broadcasts after its parent company, 21st Century Fox sells the bulk of its assets to Walt Disney Co.

Could the NFL simply give the property over to a digital player? Anything is possible in these frenzied days of streaming video, but consider the fact that none of the big digital-media companies — Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix — have the mechanics in place to televise live sports.

Patriots Gameday Ways to Watch & Listen

They have no first-string announcers, no production crew skilled at covering the games, no cadre of sideline reporters.

There would have to be a significant investment in infrastructure if those companies wanted to take over the entire enterprise. Perhaps giving the streaming rights back to the networks represents a way to get them to pay a higher fee in the next contract.

That seems unlikely.

Show sets[ edit ] During the preseason, the Football Night team appeared at halftime from an exterior set at the site of that night's game, as the set at the GE Building was still being prepared.

It once served as a means for the NFL to get more attention for its cable network. Simulcasting the Thursday games with CBS, then both CBS and NBC, meant putting a big spotlight on cable property that needed more attention — and new pressure on cable and satellite distributors who carried it.

Watch Sunday Night Football Live

By streaming with Twitter one season, Amazon the next, the league is feeling out how to proceed at a time when new digital giants seem likely to tread heavily over the landscape.

Turns out the show is a drama.

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