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Frequently asked questions What is Kayo? Kayo is the proudly Australian game-changing sports streaming service created to give you the ultimate way to get closer to the sports you love. Kayo also has exclusive features that lets you watch how you want — on all your devices big and small.

FuboTV: Everything You Need to Know About This Sports

Getty Images Big changes are coming to your favorite streaming services. From there, Apple could then move to have streaming be entirely in-app as well. Add-ons like enhanced cloud DVR, unlimited screens, and no commercials are also available.

The best sports streaming sites and services for cord

Pros: Users can create up to six personal viewer profiles with one subscription. One of users' biggest gripes with the service is that it doesn't allow for offline viewing. A lot of subscribers also recommend the no commercials add-on. Pros: Tied with Hulu for the cheapest base subscription on our list, Netflix gains a slight edge over the competition by not charging an added fee to remove ads.

Unlike some of the services on our list, Netflix allows you to download shows to watch offline. Its original content, like the Stranger Things franchise, also draws a big crowd.

Cons: You might get impatient waiting for new episodes to be available on Netflix after they air. On the other end of the spectrum, old seasons are taken down when Netflix's license to show them expires.

What to watch: Something Ventured. The documentary takes a look at the growth of American venture capitalism and its influence on companies like Apple and Intel. Cons: Offline viewing is out of the question, even if you have the cloud DVR add-on.

Network sports broadcasts are pretty hard to come by with Sling TV. The price per channel may not get you the most bang for your buck. What to watch: The Profit. You also won't have to sit through any ads.

And the content is limited to what's on the network's channels. Your simultaneous streams are also limited, but the company doesn't offer a specific cap on the number of devices.

What to watch: Silicon Valley. Amazon Prime Video comes included for Prime members. Pros: The service has a surprisingly large collection of titles.

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Cons: You can only stream on up to two devices at once, however. There also isn't much room for personalization, since you can't create multiple accounts under the same subscription.

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What to watch: Freakonomics: The Movie. Based on the best-selling book, the documentary looks into incentive-based thinking through several case studies.

Also, you can create up to six accounts with your subscription, and you can stream on up to three devices at once.

Cons: Variety comes at a pretty penny, though. And many programs show ads. What to watch: Mind Field. In this YouTube Red series, Vsauce channel creator Michael Stevens takes a deep dive into the science behind human behavior. Pros: Viewers can watch on up to three devices at once, or use a cloud DVR service to record shows to watch up to 30 days later.

Philo TV doesn't offer any cable sports or local networks. What to watch: Save It or Sell It.

The 8 Best Streaming Services to Watch Live Sports

Pros: Local broadcasts are included. Viewers also have the option to purchase channel add-ons by themselves, no subscription necessary. They can also watch on up to five devices at once. And if you record shows, be sure to watch them before they're deleted from your storage in 28 days.

What to watch: Relative Success With Tabatha. Pluto TV Plans: None. You can't avoid ads. Also, take the large channel library with a grain of salt: Because internet videos make up some of the service's content, some channels run on cat videos, for example.

What to watch: Closing Bell. The show airs on video news network Cheddar and takes you to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange every morning for the latest market news. Pros: The service offers an impressive 85 channels on the Premier plan as well as add-on channel packages.

The best part? The recordings are saved for as long as you want. What to watch: Jungletown. Published on: May 11, More from Inc.

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