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Theme music[ edit ] The iconic NFL on Fox theme music was composed by Scott Schreer ; at the time of its introduction, Schreer considered the theme to be a contrast to other television sports themes, as it carried a dark, orchestral, and cinematic sound. The music was partially inspired by the opening theme of Tim Burton 's Batman film; Fox Sports president David Hill had heard the theme while waiting in line for a Batman ride at an amusement park in California, and suggested to creative director George Greenberg who had recently defected to Fox from ABC Sports in a phone call that the overlying theme for Fox's NFL theme music should be "Batman plays football". Greenberg would enlist Schreer to compose the theme, describing Hill's request as sounding like "Batman on steroids".

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Print Green Bay at Dallas is a sure bet, ratings-wise. Get ready for some different camera angles, because for the first time in the regular season, the network will use two SkyCams, with one positioned just behind the quarterback, as usual, and a second peering down from about 50 feet.

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It used to be that the Madden game went the extra mile to look like real football. Now, real football looks like Madden. The cameras are suspended on wires that run the length of the field and are required by the NFL to stay behind the offense before the snap.

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Each camera is operated by a two-person team. One is the pilot who controls where the SkyCam is positioned and how high it is above the field, and the other is the camera operator who controls the pan, zoom and direction of the lens. These guys who run them are really skilled.

There will also be five super slow-motion cameras for that game, as well as pylon cameras in the end zones. Davies said the traditional SkyCam probably gets more use in Fox broadcasts than any other camera.

The network is going to be careful about not overusing the new vantage point.

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Rodnunsky, who died in , was a filmmaker from Granada Hills who created his version while working to make his skiing simulator more realistic. He took some frightening risks to get the first overhead shots with his Cablecam prototype. He constructed an aluminum basket and would zip face-down and feet-first down the cable — attached to rocks at the top and bottom — reaching speeds of 50 mph and a height of 80 feet, using motorcycle brakes to slow his descent.

The system has come a long way since then. Either that, or he probably thought about it 20 years ago.

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