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Friday, November 15, 2019 5:47:50 PM

Broadcast of opening of Maple Leaf Gardens - Nov. At the Montreal Forum. Courtesy Glenbow Archives.

The Swift Decline of Hockey Night in Canada

Maybe the handcuffs were clamped on to the wrists of faithful Canadian hockey fans months ago, before the season ever started and before Rogers was actually able to go on air.

Decisions made as the franchise switched over to Rogers were seemingly what affected the well-being, popularity and previous admiration so many people had for Hockey Night before. Because, as Rogers senior vice president of NHL production Gord Cutler explains, they knew they wanted to distance themselves from the program Hockey Night once was.

National Post. Published: Sept.

Cole humbled by attention to final 'Hockey Night in Canada' broadcast

At the time, that was an absurd decision, and now, it feels more along the lines of ludicrous. I was let go today.

Fortunately, Thompson still works for CBC Sports and has been a part of the Montreal Canadiens organization this year, producing inspirational montages for their playoff run, but his presence is still dearly missed at the beginning of Hockey Night each and every game.

His work was one of the attributes that made Hockey Night so remarkable. It was the reason why you would crowd around the television at p. It never failed to induce goosebumps or chills down your spine. First, there was a short introduction. Simply amazing. This is what they replaced it with.

How to Stream NHL Live Online with Kodi and Watch the Season

Sounds more like the commercial to a bad Michael Bay film than the opening montage to a playoff game. In an attempt to modernize their program, Rogers has, in turn, made Hockey Night impossible to take seriously.

Stroumboulopoulos was younger than MacLean 13 years, to be exact , more trendy and had proven to be a fine host on his own talk show.

How To Watch NHL Without Cable With any sport, there is an array of licensing deals between team owners and television networks that can frustrate those just trying to watch their favorite NHL team online.

So with that, the decision was made for MacLean to be forced to step down and take a less involved role. But why? Very doubtful. Probably not. Has he made any poor choices on air that could be reason for his diminished role?

Stanley Cup playoffs broadcast schedule announced

Except the younger crowd grew up on a heavy dose of MacLean. Saturday was a little too much for me, at five minutes, so I had to say something. Global News. Published: Nov.

Canadiens on TV in No big changes for viewers

Globe and Mail. Published: Jan. The writing is on the wall. The wounds are self-inflicted. Rogers has done this to themselves. But for what reason?

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