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Thursday, September 19, 2019 7:17:12 AM


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The site, which is one of the most visited sites on the Internet, lost its. Rojadirecta is an unusual target because two courts in Spain have ruled that the site operates legally, and other than the.

The site has well over a million visitors a day, and is listed among the most popular sites in Spain in terms of traffic.

US government seizes streaming sites Atdhe, Channelsurfing, more

This morning, however, visitors were surprised by a warning from US authorities. Rojadirecta is an unusual target for several reasons, not least because the site has been declared legal twice by Spanish courts.

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As with the previous seizures the domain registrar was bypassed in the seizure. Instead, it indexes HTTP links to sports streams that can already be found on the Internet, and also carries links to.

The site is owned by a Spanish company that pays its taxes and has been declared to operate legally in Spain. In addition, the site is not hosted in the US either.

Review: You can channel

The only connection to the US is that the. It is expected that Rojadirecta is one of the first of a new list of seized domains.

U.S. 'Pirate' Streaming Site Operator Gets Amnesty

The message below is posted on Rojadirecta. Despite losing the.

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The latter two domains are interestingly enough maintained by the same company as the. The seizure of Rojadirecta shows that commercial interests are high on the agenda of the US Government.

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  • The man, who was arrested in after the domain name of his website was seized, stood accused of criminal copyright infringement for linking to sport streams. In the agreement, the U.
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Seizing a domain that has been specifically declared to operate legally in other countries does not appear to be an obstacle. In this light, one has to wonder if generic domain names should be controlled exclusively by US companies.

Update: The owner of Channelsurfing.


Channelsurfing embedded videos from other sites and never hosted any copyrighted material on its servers.

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