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Words: Chris Krovatin The death of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington in left the rock world without one of its brightest contemporary voices. To honor the great man, we wanted to showcase how powerful his words were.

But the stories behind those lyrics, and the people to whom they meant so much, are more important than any analysis that one of our writers could whip up. Which Chester Bennington lyric meant the most to you? We want to know. But among them, we found certain lyrics mentioned several times, and certain stories behind specific lyrics that shook us to our core.

  • Tweet There are dumb Christmas songs—brash, adolescent, sex-obsessed, donkey-brained pieces of music that return to playlists every December like misbehaving college freshmen coming home to workshop their smuttiest "stuffing" puns.
  • Unlike a lot of pop groups, they wrote their own songs. This one was a huge hit from
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  • We are born of One Breath, One Word.
  • Background[ edit ] After a long series of performances at clubs and festivals and several indie recordings during the s, [4] Blink finally achieved mainstream success with the release of Enema of the State in , which launched the band "into the stratosphere of pop music" and catapulted them to become the most popular pop punk act of the era.
  • That's me.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in with your thoughts, stories, and lyrics. He is forever the light of my life through the good and the bad things.

And when I die one day, my love for him will always be. Rest in peace, Chester. All I was thinking about is how someone who I never met could describe so clearly and in such detail what I went through. A mix of relief and sorrow at the same time. She will always see a beautiful sunset even when I see the storms ahead.

It made me realize that it takes time to find yourself. The most difficult challenges come with the greatest rewards and an immense amount of valuable lessons.

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It is never given to you, it is always earned. That struck me to the core, it really spoke to my soul in a way, that I want to make Chester proud by pursuing goals that will make a difference in this world and make others proud.

The love, full of life energy and raw passion, that Chester portrayed made me feel like he was my big brother and knew me. This song has taught me that hardships are inevitable in life. I wanted to see more of what this beautiful soul would share with the world. That was 16 years ago, and because of those lyrics, my story is still being told today.

I owe every little success to them. Those lyrics mean a lot. Like all the other songs…but some come in special moments of your life. I need to stick to habits that will benefit my mental and physical health because no one else can or will do those things for me.

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It gave me the strength to fight and never give up! I recall asking my parents for a Linkin Park shirt for my birthday, and they took me to Hot Topic.

My mother was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 10 to 12 years old. Music was my escape for everything going on. My mother had Stage 3 cancer for a very long time. I came home to my mom and cried my eyes out.

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She listened and comforted me. My mother passed away October It was a very hard year for me. What a strong warrior she was. I had a mum who was in and out of hospital having spinal operations and a stepfather who for obvious reason helped and concentrated on her getting better.

So I was very much left to fend for myself going through final years of middle school aged 10 to 12 and then into the wonder that is high school aged 13 through to I started having frequent panic attacks.

It got me through some of the most difficult times. Thank you, Linkin Park. It talked me down from the ledge when I was in a dark time in my life.

It was also the song I went to when I found out about his passing.

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Nearly all of the songs speak my life, but this one saved it. I was running to her and in this moment they played Crawling on TV. While I was waiting for the ambulance with my dying grandma in my arms, I was hearing this song, and it was like they were with me.

So every word from this song means the world for me. You can conquer hate by ignoring it, you can destroy it by loving the person next to you.

Linkin Park was always my go-to in time of need, and this was no different.

Def leppard undefeated song lyrics.

So now the song has a very strong meaning to me. I am on the autistic spectrum and I am now 16 years old. I also deal with anxiety and depression on a daily basis as a result of my autism.

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