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Tuesday, October 29, 2019 5:14:02 AM

To date, the only way to watch Eleven Sports U. Eleven Sports U. The Android TV and Amazon Fire apps are available to download immediately, and it is understood that support for other smart television platforms, such as Samsung Smart TV, is in the works.

Eleven Sports may be facing closure in UK after only four months

Eleven Sports UK

Eleven took on the rights to these two top European leagues with the aim of securing a deal with a broadcasting carrier such as Sky Sports or BT Sport.

This was no piece of cake, though. Many fans ignored the opportunity to view these leagues through an online platform.

Eleven Sports must have been confident that they would do a deal with the carriers after outbidding them all for the exclusive rights for both legs. And if not, why not?

Rumours began to circulate that Eleven Sports short life in UK sports broadcasting would be coming to an end within six months of its birth.

Thankfully, that has not been the case.

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Yet, the service is still running and is the only place you can watch every game in La Liga between now and the end of the season. Subscribers are still treated to La Liga focused content such as goals shows, weekly roundups and the like.

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Premier Sports took advantage of the situation while already having carrier deals in place with Sky TV and Virgin. Matches can be viewed on Premier Sports 1 and 2 or via the Premier Player online service.

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However, it was beginning to get a little bit messy. It was no longer clear for your average fan where they could watch the best of La Liga. Late last month, February , ITV announced that it would be showing one La Liga game per week between now and the end of the season.

There will also include a midweek La Liga highlights programme as part of their deal.

How to Watch Eleven Sports UK Online from Anywhere with a VPN

Premier Sports show up to four games per weekend, while ITV4 take the final pick, showing one live game on its free-to-air channel every weekend.

The best league in the world will be available to more fans than ever before. No one wants to subscribe to several different platforms.

Eleven Sports hands over UK Serie A rights

It will be interesting to see what solutions are offered by the different broadcasting groups. Will Sky Sports or BT Sport be able to take advantage of another dire situation — getting La Liga coverage on its stations for a fraction of what it may have had to pay previously?

ITV4 will hardly be in a position to enter a bidding war for continued La Liga rights next season seeing as it is a free-to-air channel.

Will Eleven Sports be able to strike a deal with a mainstream carrier and achieve what it set out to just over six months ago — making its service the only go-to place for Spanish football?

However, there could be many more surprises in store regarding this story yet.

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