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The Jr. NBA Global Championship. Regional champions will compete in a round-robin format, which will determine seeding for the single-elimination competition. The winners of the U.

Walt Disney World's ESPN Wide World of Sports to Host MLS All

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Cheerleaders injured during storms at ESPN Wide World of Sports

Pookah has been playing sports since he was a little toddler playing t ball. Now that he is growing up and is focused on just baseball and basketball, I can see him getting more and more serious about it, and know that this will lead to regional, state and other chances to compete hopefully on a national level.

Those dreams may be different from the dreams on other parts of the Disney property but it is still a Disney experience and a place where amazing things happen.

Hosting over different entertainment and sports events a year, more than , athletes, coaches, and fans visit the sports complex each year. Including competitors of all ages and skill level. We got a tour of the facilities and spent the day learning all about what kids and their parents can expect when they come to visit.

There is a lot I could say, but I want to give you a few things that I think us parents need to know. This centerpiece is a retro-style Maor League Baseball ballpark that hosted spring training for the Atlanta Braves for 22 consecutive seasons. The Arena at ESPN Wide World of Sports: seats guests and is one of the only arenas in the country specifically designed for cheer and dance events.

It can also host six regulation basketball courts, six regulations volleyball courts and can be converted quickly to host events.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

It also has a baseball quadraplex and softball diamondplex. The complex offers an array of unique sports solutions that make traveling and competing here easy for teams and their families. Some of those options include: Team Meals: orders can be placed in advance of an event, bulk beverages, and snacks.

Print on Demand Custom Teas : Guests can take tees to the custom tee center and choose from more than 50 designs that can be added to the t-shirt.

What You Need to Know About ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

My favorite has to be hands down 4 Rivers Smokehouse. The award-winning barbecue brand opened two concession venues inside the Arena this year. When you go, make sure you try out the Game Changer: a cold brew specialty beverage with a shot of espresso.

And college scouts are there to watch. Tops grade school and high school boys and girls basketball players have a chance to play in front of scout and collegiate coaches. Pop Warner Super Bowl of the tops youth football teams in the nation compete in this week-long super bowl after advancing through regional competitions.

This brings thousands of cheerleaders from across the country to the complex.

Ideasport Soccer Academy at EPSN Wide World of Sports complex this youth soccer training programs provides year-round training for athletes as well as training for coaches and officials. The program also brings tournaments, on-site events, and summer camps for aspiring players.

There are packages available for players and their families to experience the magic at Disney while competing. For select events and weekends, athletes and their families may also take advantage of resort bus transportation.

Cheerleader hurt at Walt Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports, hit by large shade umbrella

Cool right? As a parent of a kid who plays sports, I love that he can have the opportunity to where the pros play.

ESPN, Inc. Fact Sheet

AND have a Disney quality experience at the same time. Disney really is where dreams can come true. And if you have a kid who plays sports, this is the place to be. Hit me up on social!

Jr. NBA Global Championship

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