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Saturday, December 28, 2019 9:16:16 PM

For the most part, I agree with the sentiment. The reward must be worthy of the effort, and without the effort, there should be none.

EaTCarbS , AM I've been messing with a couple of different ship groups between a fleet of 5 to 9 pilots, and I was wondering what others who multibox ratting go about it. My last fleet was 6 Ravens and 3 Ospreys, but I think it is a bit overkill.

Redbeard , AM I lived in nullsec looooooooooooooooooooooong ago but i seem to remember something about you building up the rats that were in the belts.

Promote this candidate If anyone has a fit, that would be if people have opinions.
Borat Guereen for CSM Quote from: aristabulus on November 02, , pm I kinda doubt that.
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What would bring me back to EVE Online The General Information should be sufficient to create a proper class topic for scheduling on the Eve University forum.
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Example, if there was a good spawn with some high end BSs, youd leave alive a frigate and the same group would respawn a bit later, something like that. If it was a shitty spawn youd kill them all to get a fresh one. Not sure if thats still how it works.

That said just make sure you're being careful with that much firepower.

Crafting Table: creating a more dynamic experience

I only use the cheap T1 cruise missiles, too, as I'm overkilling most targets and the price jump to T2 ammo is silly you'd end up losing money on frigates and some cruisers. Meeo , AM Typhoons are very impressive ships right now. I have not ratted in a few weeks or so, but i used 4 carriers and run 2 sites at once, usually sanctums that take about 15 minutes each site.

I'm heading down the carrier route.

Bee Careful What You Wish For » Crossing Zebras

I was thinking of Ravens with micro jump drives. But need to optimise a hisec kill squad to farm isk first Yup, aiming for Archons, myself, but Typhoons in the meanwhile.

I wouldn't aim to make isk in hisec - get into null and start nuking anomolies! Grondir Yup, aiming for Archons, myself, but Typhoons in the meanwhile.

Beware of the afk cloaker

Archons for me too. Trying to get into null, but as I don't really PvP doesn't really interest me and not really tried it The only time that a fight ever happens is when one side can greatly outman or outgun the other side, unless you join a large alliance.

Grondir , AM PvP in null? But it seems harder to get in a null corp than it does to get a mortgage lol! I want to shoot shit and make isk, why do I need to fill out a 10 page application form and then have vent interviews. Today, i have my first carrier and i send 1 tengu with 5 fighters assist around.

Well, they kill fastely 1 fighter event in the hidden den. In my area, carrier and Scarrier are forbiden in the belt so i stay in the POS. It s possible or i need to check and heal fighters often?

Maybe it s was fregate so figters are better with heavy BS? If your warping in at range, your sentries should have no issues deal with frigates as they rush towards you.

Fighters are no so bad if your using a Tech3, especially if your not allowed to use a carrier in the anom in your area which is odd, but understandable, a dead ratting carrier on a KB is pretty bad to see.

You check the level of eache fighter and you send back to the carrier when the shield is off gibsonus , AM You guys still reading this one??

[Eve] Nullsec Ratting

I'm using 7 sentry ishtars in null anoms and occassionally I add an 8th Thanatos into the mix overkill. I fit them as close to a pvp fit as I can because the anoms get eaten up that fast that I don't need an active pve tank.

I have actually been wondering about smart bombing battleships. Would a local repper on each ship be enough to have them all running together but mitigate damage done to each other? Would the bombs all need to be of the same type like in a bomber fleet? Mokoi , PM you could fit 5 ishtars and just warp toi 5 different anoms, and drop heavies and then only watch your HP, and rep when needed.

It's mind-bogglingly boring. Find angel space and kill with bouncers at range, or gardes anywhere else and kill at PS: If you rat in an idiot-fit carrier and I wormhole into your system, you are going to die.

Although I'm gonna try it tomorrow and see. The carrier is out a lot less often than the others ;- Oh and I have skilled 7 toons to proteus. Not sure how to utilise that yet. Fun for gate camps maybe. Mokoi Maybe WH space is for you. Who needs crappy isk in NS. I'm getting 10mill per character per tick x 8 in null.

Judging by some of the freighter kills with sleeper loot I saw recently though I guess you make a lot more in W space. EaTCarbS , PM You could be right although multiboxing is awkward enough without all the dscanning etc I would say that the absolute minimum to run them efficiently would be 5 accounts--Two T1 Logi is enough to rep through any wave in a C4 provided you're not killing the triggers early and applying your DPS appropriately.

I ratted in NS a few months ago, albeit with a lot less skill points, and I firmly agree with Mokoi that any multiboxing fleet is overkill in NS. Of course, the worst part is that you're going to clear ALL of the anomalies in an hour or two and then have no money to be made.

In WH space you clear your static WH's sites and then just crash the hole and scan down your new one. It is a time investment to roll it and then scan down the new one, check for life etc but it means that you can do the ISK dance indefinitely. As for D-scan You do. The great thing, nay the best thing, about multiboxing in WH space is that you singly represent a huge fighting force.

In NS even 10 or 15 ships is a gift to a blops gang. In WH space, my fleet of 20 ships is king. I may need to look at skilling some logi and taking the leap. Is the isk from worm holes mainly salvage related or do they have bounties?

Each C4 site averages to 95 million per site with about m from blue loot and the rest from salvage. The battleships are a little harder to salvage so might require some Salvaging rigs. I personally run a command ship which provides links and does the salvaging for me. My characters are still low skilled m sp per toon but once you get an effective UI and ISBoxer setup going it's pretty easy to clear the C4 sites.

The majority of the risk is getting discovered by a larger WH entity and them forming a fleet to come fight you--However, since you're in a C4 it means they're not bringing in a capital fleet. If you've got 10 ships in your fleet, you're going to scare off most people : From a fun perspective I enjoy the WH life, though it can't be stressed enough that the logistics of living there suck.

I have almost an entire backup fleet of ships in my POS because you've got to stock up when you have a good high sec exit.

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