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Take any FMNP course in any order. Our students' ages vary as much as their knowledge levels.

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In , the school will celebrate its 50th year of investing in banking education.

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This school is conducted on a three year cycle basis, and the one week long annual sessions must be taken in sequence. Participants taking all three years of the cycle will receive a good basic introduction to the banking industry and, upon receiving a passing mark, will be awarded a diploma at the graduation ceremony.

The Florida School of Banking remains relevant as attested by the 2, graduates, and continues to offer an excellent educational opportunity.

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While education is the School's primary focus, the relationships and friendships developed over the course of the three-year schedule will be invaluable to students and their banks. The FSB begins on Sunday afternoon with registration, freshman class orientation and an opening banquet later that same evening.

Orientation is where the freshman learn the rules and policies of the school, and are given a chance to get to know one another better by introducing themselves to the rest of the class.

This is a good time for the freshmen to become acquainted with the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union where all of the classes are held.

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Everyone has a good time reacquainting themselves and making new and lasting relationships. After the banquet, the seniors head back to class for their first "decision", and the Juniors have the night off.

Bright and early Monday morning the freshman get right to work learning the fundamentals of banking such as understanding bank balance sheets, federal reserve and monetary policy, and personal financial analysis. The juniors are returning for more of the same in addition to diving deep into commercial and consumer lending topics.

The seniors start their year on Sunday afternoon with the Bank Management Computer Simulation, while everyone else is still registering. The senior class is divided into many teams of banks that exist only in cyberspace.

These teams use their previous two years of education and compete against each other in simulated banking communities for deposits, loans, etc; much like in a typical city.

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To make the exercise interesting, our simulation leader throws variables into the mix each day, such as fluctuating interest rates, loan losses, etc. And to make the simulation as realistic as possible, we have our own resident regulator roaming around the room making sure everyone is in compliance with all regulations, as well as helping out when possible.

For the Seniors, the whole week leads up to a final presentation that must be given by each team to a resident "bank board of directors.

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All team members must contribute and have a chance to present their portion of the talk. After it's all said and done one team from each community rises to the occasion and is chosen as the "winner.

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It is recommended that students stay at the Hilton Conference Center which is in close proximity to the Reitz Union and has accommodated our students for many years with much success and reliability. The cut-off date to make a reservation is July 3, The vast majority of the FSB students have traditionally stayed at this hotel for the week, but please note that the final decision of where to stay is solely up to the student and their supervisor.

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