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Hamsters generally catch on quickly as to what the hamster toilet area is for, since. Have you finally convinced your parent to get you a Syrian Hamster? Purchase bedding, a 3-foot long cage with lots of area space, fortified pellets or. Think about what size hamster you want.

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A word from Teddy So can hamsters and gerbils live together? No, hamsters and gerbils can not and should not live together.

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This is because the hamster is territorial, and will attack and kill anything that tries to come close, even their own siblings. While gerbils can and do live together, hamsters do not. This makes hamsters unable to share their home with anything, especially not an animal that is not another hamster.

This means that they are skittish, will try to hide as often as they can, and do not react well to strangers. Hamsters are more aggressive than gerbils, and they will attack anyone or anything that comes too close.

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There are some submissive hamsters that just cower in a corner or freeze in fear, but most will actually attack and fight to the death. This means that housing a hamster with anything is a bad idea.

Hamsters sleep during the day, and wake up in the evening. They stay up all night, running in their wheel and playing in their cage.

Busy little things. He will not stay put, at all, and will want to wander off and explore everything. As such, a big cage with lots of space is going to help the hamster feel more at ease, and less stressed. This means that you can house together several gerbils and they would be fine, but their cage needs to be very large.

The more gerbils you own, the larger the cage.

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Gerbils, like hamsters, will protect their own. Compared to hamsters, gerbils are more mellow, and are easier to tame. They can still be skittish, especially as babies, but not nearly as much as hamsters.

Their energy is similar to the hamster, and as such they needs lots of stimulation. Unlike hamsters, a lone gerbil will become depressed, and possibly ill from being so lonely.

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They need the stimulation and activity a colony or at least another gerbil provides, and they grow up happier if they have a friend. Major differences between hamsters and gerbils A hamster is fairly short, stocky, and has barely any noticeable tail.

There are 5 types of hamster to choose from Syrian, Chinese, Roborovski, Campbell, and Djungarian and they look very different from a gerbil. The only hamster that resembles a gerbil is the Chinese, with its long slender body and longer tail. Gerbils have longer bodies, and look like a bit of a cross between a mouse and a squirrel, minus the bushy tail.

A hamster has a much shorter neck, and a wider body. It looks fluffier than a gerbil, and has more of a rounded face. Both gerbils and hamsters love to run, but their needs are different.

If the tail is injured or caught in something and it can happen in a wheel it can and will fall off. This is not easy on the gerbil, nor on you as an owner.

If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. The article continues after the image. Another big difference is the sleeping and activity patterns.

While the hamster sleeps during the day, the gerbil will go about his business. He will take short naps throughout the day, but the main sleeping time is the night. This annoys the hamster greatly, since he is trying to sleep.

Conversely, while the gerbil sleeps at night, the hamster will wake up and do his own hamster things.

This will wake up the gerbil and he will not rest well, leading to other fights. Food is pretty much the only thing hamsters and gerbils agree upon. All this means is that a gerbil and a hamster have different housing needs, and they will end up fighting over space anyway.

They both use their scent glands to mark what;s their, be it it with their bellies, hips, or faces rubbed against various objects.

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This leads to fighting in the end, and there is no amount of toys and duplicate of cage objects that will keep that from happening. Both the hamster and the gerbil love to chew, so in that respect they would need the same toys and hideouts.

They would both end up chewing on the cage bars or trying to escape, so housing them together is not good. A word from Teddy I hope you found what you were looking for in this article. If you want to know more about us hamsters you should check out the related articles below.

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