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Tuesday, October 1, 2019 8:38:03 PM

I already love this show. Finally we have a reality television show that my husband and I can watch together. He gets to enjoy seeing hockey players in their regular life, and I get to enjoy hockey players with their shirts off. Everybody wins. I mean, can you think of a reality show that you are more likely to get your man-type partner to watch with you?

Well that was the task at hand for Hockey Wives this week with its season finale. Both Martine Forget, engaged to Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Jonathan Bernier, and Taylor Winnik, married to Daniel, are wracked with nerves about the trade deadline, seeing as how the Leafs were major sellers this year.

First, Taylor decided to get a haircut, which usually would be a non-issue, but according to Taylor, last time she got a haircut, Dan got traded to Pittsburgh at the time, Dan was also getting a haircut.

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That, we can never really know for sure. But what we do know for sure is, Taylor held a successful art show in Toronto, showcasing her photography from the last seven years the night of the trade.

Many of the Hockey Wives cast attended and so did a fair share of Leafs players. The camera panned to Dan, who looked like a deer in headlines. Turns out, Dan was traded, likely, in the middle of that gathering. A Toronto Sun article says he learned of the trade at p. In the episode, Taylor says when the two rushed home after the art show, Dan waited until they arrived back home to blurt out the news of the move to Washington.

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What followed was a frenzied day of packing and a heartfelt, rain-soaked goodbye with BFF Martine at in the morning ahead of the drive to Washington.

After being traded to Vancouver in the summer, MP and Brandon envisioned a year of long-distance, or, alternatively, MP moving to Vancouver.

In a way, it was neither. Brandon injured his ankle in the fall and never really found a place with the Canucks. He was sent down to the AHL and, eventually shut himself down for the season to recover from the nagging injury. MP, meanwhile, has her career back on track.

There's not much more to this, other than Tiffany is an awesome mom who throws excellent birthday bashes. But it's nice to see the Parros gang having fun. And with that, that is a wrap on Hockey Wives season two.

Until next season! Three stars:.

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