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It was a "friendly" — well, as friendly as you can get between such fierce rivals — competition ahead of the IIHF Women's World Championships, being held in Espoo, Finland, in April. Unfortunately, at many times, the lackluster broadcasting and media coverage overshadowed the games themselves.

Watch and Listen Live Online

FSN announces new voices for Gophers men's hockey broadcasts

The good news is that all of these channels are available through streaming apps and services, so you should be able to stream NHL without cable all season long! It should be noted that these options will cost some money, though the cost will be substantially lower than when you had cable.

ECAC Hockey Streaming Information

Here are our top picks: fuboTV free 7-day trial is one of the best all-around options to watch NHL online for the season. The package includes over 50 channels of live TV, including many popular cable favorites.

Bruins Radio Network

Most areas will also have NBC and other local channels. This is where a streaming TV service comes in handy. Luckily, there are plenty of services available and all of them offer something for everyone. In most cases, a channel lineup will include everything from sports and news to other entertaining options.

Smaller packages may contain only channels, but you can find larger packages with over channels. These streaming packages work a lot like cable packages, they just allow you the freedom to watch where you want at a lower price.

Even better, while many cable companies will require a contract or commitment, streaming services will not. The main difference beyond a lower bill is that these services work by streaming through an Internet connection.

Once you pick and sign up for a service, it will be easy to watch NHL without cable. Streaming hockey will allow you to watch on a number of devices, from your TV to your mobile device, and will allow you a lower cost option to watch the shows you love. Keep reading so you can learn more about the recommended services available to stream NHL without cable.

This popular streaming service boasts over channels, many of which offer local, national, and international sports. This includes sports access for baseball, basketball, and other sports, as well as both local and network TV.

Hulu Live is an affordable option that provides many of the channels you might have had with cable, but for a cheaper price.

HockeyTV Announces Broadcast Partnership Extension with the Maritime Hockey League

Using Hulu with Live TV is simple. Most people will be able to figure things out in no time. It works on most streaming devices and mobile devices, too.

You can learn more with our Hulu with Live TV review. Use NHL. TV is the official streaming option for NHL fans. It should be mentioned that NHL.

TV only allows you to watch NHL without cable. TV might be for you. TV only allows for live streaming out-of-market games. In-market games, which are games that play in your normal viewing area on local or regional channels, will not play in live stream, as those games are subject to blackouts.

TV is a perfect option for you.

The Best Way to Watch Live NHL Hockey Games Without Cable in

Here are some additional details about NHL. TV are great options, there are other ways to watch hockey online without a cable subscription. Here are some of the other options out there which will allow you to watch NHL online.

how to mod fight night champion online

Our Sling TV review has more details. Our YouTube TV review is a great source of information. Choose from multiple packages to find the one right for you!

  • SERVICES AND CONTENT The vast majority of our live broadcasts and VOD content, whether wholly produced by Black Dog Enterprises or produced in cooperation with one of our team partners, meets or exceeds our targeted levels of service, including: An Internet stream quality of at least kbps kilobits per second or higher An on-screen resolution of x pixels or greater A tripod-mounted camera with a dedicated operator and at least HD p or Full HD p native resolution At least one broadcaster providing audio commentary via a professional headset However, there are many factors - both technical and non-technical - that may affect the final quality of any given broadcast, and Black Dog Enterprises cannot guarantee that issues will not arise.
  • HockeyTV is a feature-rich platform used by hockey scouts, recruiters, coaches, players, and fans for streaming, archiving, and managing live and on-demand elite hockey content. Currently in their 50th season of operation, the MHL has captured a combined nine Regional Fred Page Cup and National RBC Cup Championships over the past 21 seasons, while helping promote dozens of players each season to the university and professional ranks.
  • Hockey broadcasting on a national scale was spotty prior to ; NBC and CBS held rights at various times during that period, with each network carrying weekend-afternoon games during the second half of the regular season and the playoffs, along with some but not all of the Stanley Cup Finals. From to , there was no exclusive coverage of games.
  • Are the live broadcasts available for archived viewing? Archived broadcasts will be available in the "On Demand" tab of the portal.
  • The combined power of the Ontario stations totaled watts.
  • Will the Bruins be out to seek their revenge this season or could the Blues do the slightly less impossible and go all the way again this year? Keep reading to find out the best ways to stream NHL on your television and on all your favorite streaming devices.

All of the services above are similar to Hulu Live and other streaming services. The differences are in price, number of devices you can stream on, and channel availability. Those are the best ways that you can watch NHL without cable.

As there is no real, legal option to watch hockey without cable, a streaming service will be required if you want to watch without a cable subscription. You can learn more about streaming sports in our guide that details how to watch sports online.

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