How To Turn Off Alarm On Armitron Pro Sport Watch

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Armitron watch instruction manual Textbook

Press 'C' to start timing. Press 'C' again to stop timing Press 'D' to reset to zero. Press 'B' to return to Time Telling Mode. Press 'D' to measure Laps. Press 'C' to stop timing at the end of the event. Press 'D' to reveal the final Lap time.

Press 'D' again to reset to zero. Press 'D'. Alarm Hours flash. Press 'C' to advance the Alarm Hour.

Armitron Watch Wr User Guide

Press 'B'. Alarm Minutes flash. Press 'C' to advance the Alarm Minute. Alarm Time Zone flashes.

How to set the time on an Armitron WR Digital Watch

Press 'D' to end set sequence. The Alarm Symbol appears in the middle of the display to indicate the Alarm will sound at the preset Alarm Time for 20 seconds or until 'B', 'C', or 'D' is pressed. Press 'C' to activate the Hourly Chime. The Hourly Chime Symbol appears in the middle of the display to indicate the Hourly Chime will sound every hour on the hour.

Armitron Pro Sport Digital Chronograph Watch

Press 'C' again to deactivate the Alarm. Press 'C' again to deactivate the Hourly Chime. Hours flash. Press 'C' to advance the Hour. Minutes flash.

Press 'C' to advance the Minute. Seconds flash.

Aquatech Watch Settings Instructions

Press 'C' to advance the Second. Press 'C' to start the Countdown Timer. If desired, press 'C' again to stop the Countdown Timer.

Armitron Watch Instructions He has also published articles online for websites like eHow.
We Are Currently Unable to Provide a Shopping Experience for this Country Oregon rmspu manual New York To set an Armitron Wr watch, use the buttons on the upper and lower left- and right-hand sides of the watch to manipulate the seconds, minutes, hours and
How to Stop the Hourly Chime on a Sportline Stopwatch Published: 22 October, Sportline Stopwatches are a cheap and efficient way of taking timings at sporting events, as well as during training.
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Press 'C' again to resume the Countdown Timer. If desired, press 'D' to reset the Countdown time to the preset Countdown time. Press 'D' again, then press 'C' to restart the Countdown Timer. When the Timer counts down below three minutes, an alarm 'Beep Beep' will sound when the Seconds digit is '0' or '30'.

When the Timer counts down below ten seconds, an alarm 'Beep' will sound every second. Press 'C' to stop the Timer. The backlight will remain lit for 2 to 3 seconds. Before removing the old battery, be sure to denote its polarity so the new battery is installed in exactly the same way.

Armitron WR (40/) Watch

Replace with same or equivalent only. This watch contains precise electronic components and should only be opend by a qualified watch technician.

However, it is not necessary to return your watch to the manufacturer for battery replacement. It is recommended that you bring your timepiece to a local jeweler.

  • How to Operate a Casio G-Shock The Armitron All-Sport is a unisex style of watch made by Armitron that features a digital readout and four buttons around the outer dial for adjusting various aspects of the watch. It can set alarms, keeps the time as well as the date, and has a built-in backlight.
  • Press 'B' to end setting sequence. Press 'C' once to return to Time Telling Mode.
  • The owners of this watch will appreciate the following instructions, because they a re readable, and fix an error in the documentation that comes with the watch. Farking idiots.
  • These four buttons control all the functions of the watch, including setting the time and date.
  • Average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews Highly recommend!
  • Watch Reviews Armitron Wr watches are extremely popular and are among the highest selling watch at retailers. Eugen Gluck founded Armitron in the year

Do not operate push buttons below the surface of the water. Should water or condensation appear in the watch, immediately have the watch checked. Water can corrode electronic parts inside the case. Because of possible loss, we recommend that you insure your watch, return receipt requested, when using the mail.

If you do not receive a receipt within a resonable time, start a tracer through the originating post office. Never include a special watch band or any other artical of personal value in your shipment.

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