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Saturday, October 19, 2019 1:03:40 AM

Not the time to joke. The world cup is upon us and all y'all are telling jokes. Click to expand I bought Jadoo 1 about 6 years ago, it was more than enough for my needs.

India, Pakistan, Bangla Live tv HD Channels (Like JADOO Box)+Cricket Live

You can read about the pros and cons and all version of the box in this post. Be sure to leave comments and suggestions. But it is quite expensive to buy the channel that shows cricket , specially if you live in USA and Canada.

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A friend of mine actually told me about the new TV box that i can purchase online. Jadoo TV that is. The idea behind this box is that you plug a Ethernet cable DSL cable from your Router behind it , then connect the audio video cable supplied with it to your TV , turn the Box on and start watching your favorite channels on your TV.

Welcome to JadooTV Australia

Don't worry if your router is far away from the TV. This package also contains a wireless USB adapter that will connect your Jadoo TV box to the Internet wireless , but you have to have a wireless router. The remote control that is supplied with it is tiny , but still big enough for you to see what you are pressing.

Over all the good invention , made in china after all , but what thing isn't?

Jadoo tv channel list

The price however , is a little bit too much for the quality. The quality is much better on regular Dish or Direct TV and i can record it on Tivo or similar device.

If you are looking to see other channels like Geo news , Geo Tv and all other Indian and Pakistani channels then the box is worth the price. Again if you don't mind the low quality picture and sometimes delay in transmission , this box is perfect for you.

JadooTV or any other IPTV?

This box is identical to Jadoo Tv but the only difference is the software that is installed in it , which only lets you see the American channels.

There is just one more thing to it, the availability of the channels is not guaranteed , you might have it one day and the next day it might not be available. Since this Box brings only the streaming channels from the web , the service is not very reliable.

They do give you 3 months warranty on the equipment. So cutting it short , it is not the best investment , where there is no guarantee on the return.

Be sure to leave a comment if you like and more information about any related product. Now they can stream same high quality content from internet - based on availability and within home network. JadooTV has accomplished this incredible feat using the H. One of the key features of Jadoo2 is the wireless 11n USB dongle.

It also opens the way to high-bandwidth applications such as streaming video from your home network or external hard drive.

JadooTV Reviews

This standard is also more reliable for multiple users doing multiple things over the network. View content in high quality - up to p Full HD. Navigation is easy with jadoo2 user interface allowing users to browse through different languages and content quickly. Benefits of 11nHigher speeds for streaming HD content.

Have wired or wireless N Internet connectivity. Bookmark a library of your favorite videos.

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