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Some of those trips to share and learn are modest in scale and some allow us to explore more distant markets. Our most recent trip was definitely one of the latter. The conference came at an interesting time for the state of running around the world. There is evidence that participation globally is starting to slip, led by a drop in the United States and Europe where decades of rapid participation growth is inevitably starting to plateau.

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Up to 3 participants from each family are permitted including at least one guardian and one kid under 13, born after Jan. Health Requirement Marathon is an athletic sport of high load and great intensity of long distances.

It is also a high risk athletic sport. Thus, it requires high physical conditions on participants. Participants should have good health and long-term running or training experience before decision.

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They must choose competition categories among Marathon, Half Marathon, Health Run and Family Run, according to their own health conditions and capability.

No fee-refund in case of personal cancellation. For military personnel, Military officer Certificate or Solider Cards can be used for registration. Requirements for participating in Marathon and Half Marathon Participants who run marathons and half marathons must have experienced before in accomplishment of at least Gun time is used for rankings.

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Top 20 of both men and women would be awarded as follows: Note: Top 3 of Men and Women would be respectively awarded a trophy, a medal and a set of sports suit. No cash distribution on site. Race results would be posted on official website for one week for supervision by public.

If there is no dispute, award money would be started to distributed, by bank transfer or collection on site.

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Winners from Lanzhou city outbound can prefer bank transfer. Lanzhou domestic winners can prefer this way or even come to Lanzhou Sports Bureau to collect on site, against valid ID cards.

Ranks would be cancelled you fail to pass doping tests, and the rest ranks would not come forward. Medical Aid 1. The LOC will establish one medical aid station at each 2.

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Ambulances will follow the runners on the route. Volunteersare ready at each meters along the course to assist medical aid station staff and maintain race order.

Runners may seek assistance from them if any problem occurs. All the participants and working staffs are covered by Accident Insurance. Enroll with fake age or identity.

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One runner carries two or more timing chips in the race. Accomplish the game by relay. Disobey the starting sequence and start running at the starting point for other events.

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Start the race with rules violating. Continue the race instead of stopping and quitting the event after the gate closing time.

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Take a shortcut, jump into the race from halfway or take any transportation vehicles. Not be able to follow rules to repeat through the end point; Not be able to finish the whole process through the end; Using number cloth in other events or the previous Lanzhou International Marathon Race, or not wearing the chip to complete the race and accept prices.

Alter or cover number clothes. Refuse to follow instructions of working staff breach the racing order with riotous behavior or fight each other influencing the Race. Uncivilized behavior such as relieving the bowels, littering, etc.

Perform any other act which violates the regulation. Use false information to obtain entry qualification or transfer number cloth entry, once the Organizing Committee verify it, all the consequences of the race are at your own risk, and the LOC will give penalty to both the transferer and the transferee in Lanzhou International Marathon lifelong suspension; Post code:

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