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Saturday, October 5, 2019 6:51:12 AM

Share via Email Sky Sports coverage of Premier League matches such as this Arsenal v Leicester City clash will be available on one of its two new football-themed channels. A new channel, Sky Sports Arena, will host other content including rugby and tennis. There is also a demographic shift where people, especially younger groups, are reluctant to spend so much. Get reluctant to spend groups, such as millennials, in on cheap packages and look to up-sell at a later date. The move also ties into the aim of Jeremy Darroch, the Sky chief executive, to entice the 10m budget-conscious Freeview households to try pay-TV.

Tata Sky Family Sports HD 1 Pack Channel List & prices

With TV only: Sky Oliver M, via email Sky Sports is the go-to service for fans of footie, cricket, rugby, and golf alike - but heaven knows it ain't cheap, and all the options get a bit complicated. So what's the lowest cost, simplest way to get Sky Sports on your TV?

Sky Sports channels explained: What they are and how to get the

In this guide, we'll have a trawl through all the available packages. But first, bear in mind throughout this guide that prices change fairly regularly - providers often launch special offers that can change the landscape considerable. While one provider might usually be cheapest, it only takes a good special offer to change that.

The best way to see the most accurate and up to date pricing is to use our comparison tool. Simply enter your postcode into the box below to see all the deals you can get at your home: Compare broadband deals in your area Location Compare Why do we need your postcode?

Why do we need your postcode? We don't want to show you a load of deals that you can't actually get, so by giving us your postcode we show you only the deals that are available where you live. We don't share your postcode with anyone else. Take a look at our privacy policy to find out more.

Sky Sports TV Guide

With those caveats properly defined, lets go into the cheapest ways you can usually get Sky Sports. Sky lets you add on its sports channels to any TV package. You can choose between packs of one, two or three Sky Sports channels, or get them all if you want to watch everything.

So if you only want Premier League, for example, you can just sign up to the appropriately-named Sky Sports Premier League - that's likely the cheapest way to watch on TV.

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Unlike Sky, you can't get a TV package on its own - only bundled in with broadband and home phone. That's not too much of a problem if you want broadband too, of course. TalkTalk TV works through flexible ' boosts ' - what that means is that you get a few channels as standard mainly Freeview and subscribe to rolling monthly packs of others as needed.

Sky Sports is one of these boosts - for an additional monthly fee, you get the full Sky Sports experience.

Costs can add up if you add lots of other boosts on top of Sky Sports, but generally speaking, it's a reliably cheap way to get full Sky Sports with TV and broadband.

Sky Sports Bundle

It's technically cheaper than the TalkTalk Boost, costing a whopping 1p less per month a 12p saving across the whole year!

You just need to get the app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Depending on when you look, it could well be the cheaper option. You can choose between a day, week or month pass to all channels, and watch on the app via TV boxes, smart TVs, web browsers, smartphones, games consoles, mobile phones , tablets, and more.

There are some serious limitations here, of course. For starters, you can only watch it on your smartphone or tablet - you can't even cast or AirPlay it to your telly - and only a select number of devices even support it.

On the other hand, if you're happy to only watch sports on a mobile or tablet, it's amazing value. A Red Entertainment plan from Vodafone will even let you grab a year's subscription for free. That's something to bear in mind if you're in need of a new mobile deal.

Sky channel list (UK)

You can chop and change which channels you subscribe to every single month, if you like. If you want Sky Cinema too, you can get the two services together at a rather nice discount - around a tenner or so.

Compare Sky TV deals Bear in mind, however, that this is the cheapest way to get Sky Sports without broadband included. Oddly enough, you can shave a hefty amount off your bill by going for a broadband plus TV bundle from another provider.

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