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Excellebt condition. Jersey is thick and has a tight fit as it is an official rugby Jersey. Measures 20 inches across chest and 27 inches in length. Perfect for any rugby fanPlease bid with confidence.

Irish Men's Polo's and Rugby Jerseys

The Best Rugby Shirts Will Toughen Up Your Wardrobe

The jersey has come a long way. Rugby was created in , when William Webb Ellis, a student at Rugby School first ran with a leather ball during a game of football.

Ireland LFR Live for Rugby Green Polo Sports Shirt Jersey Size Adult Small NEW

The sport grew in the British public school system and as a way to differentiate teams, uniforms were created. The first rugby uniform was a collared dress shirt worn with a bow tie, but the tails were found to be too easy to grab hold of.

15 Best Rugby Shirts For Men

The collar remained and bold stripes came into play with horizontal lines reigning vertical stripes were already taken by footballers. As time went by the stiff collars became less prominent than your typical dress shirt in an attempt to prevent a pesky prop clinging onto them for dear life, which takes us pretty much up to the modern version of the rugby shirt ignoring the skin tight sausage cases the pros play in these days.

It was the s where the now-timeless preppy wardrobe was first formulated. A thicker alternative to the polo shirt, American teens began wearing rugby shirts as a way of showing off their athleticism while still keeping their look tidy we are about 40 years off sweatpants as fashion here.

Since then the shirt has dipped in and out of fashion along with other preppy staples like the sweatshirt , peaking in the s and s as a symbol of old money yuppiness which was then hijacked by subversive hip-hop stars before returning big time over the last couple of seasons.

And side-stepping away from its traditional, buttoned-up origins, the rugby shirt has also been greeted with open arms by the streetwear world, with the loose and relaxed shape suiting oversized fits, although we would stay away from wearing one with joggers — the skiving lectures until the next rugby social look was never en vogue.

It was a period when both the rugby shirt and the preppy American brand were riding a massive wave, with Snoop Dogg making his performance debut on the star-making Saturday Night Live in a Tommy rugby shirt.

Men's Polo Shirts

Surprisingly for Gucci, its rugby shirt offering is quite conservative — there are no baroque swirls here. Instead, we see traditional hoops and contrast collars in thick cotton, although it does do versions that feature bold logos and patterns over the chest a style more often associated with rugby league shirts.

Aimed at a slightly older customer than its other preppy American rivals, the Gant rugby shirt is a sensible and hard wearing choice for the man who is less bothered about popping out on Instagram and more about enjoying a good Sunday roast down the pub.

As a result, its rugby shirts of some of the best around, if you can manage to get hold of one that is. Crew The oldest of the big four US preppy brands, J Crew might not have the same cool cache of Ralph or Tommy, but for someone more concerned with style than showing off their logos, it can more than hold its own.

The brand was one of the torchbearers of the rugby look in the s and while it does offer those throwback wide striped and block-coloured jerseys, it also has newer designs that keep the feeling classic while subtly playing around with those verticals.

Qantas Wallabies ASICS Rugby World Cup jerseys revealed

For gentlemen by gentlemen, its rugby shirts are classic P. Expect multi-colours and disjointed stripes, but above all a high fashion quality the designer has cultivated after fifteen years in the biz.

The thick heavyweight cotton designed to withstand the Hulk-like grips of opposing team members.

Instead, it just aims for a subtle spin with shades like plum and seafoam green in slimmer stripes. Its rugby shirts sit in the Blue Harbour section of its menswear collection, which is aimed at the older gentleman so expect classic patterns in relaxed fits.

The ALD blueprint takes on a more s hip-hop bent with a hoodie-like pouch and in bold primary colours, while the scripted logo adds a touch of French panache. So while the price is by far and away the least expensive on this list, its styles are some of the most eye-catching, and in per cent cotton there is arguably little difference in quality to many of the others.

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