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Wednesday, November 13, 2019 4:54:12 AM

Close window Sport live Online broadcasts of popular games at LiveSport. If you are sport's fan then this is a good sport addon must install on your kodi.

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Live sport streams are being used more often to commit crimes.

Rugby League World Cup On Kodi

Are you at risk? Cyber criminals are using live sport streams to trick fans into using unofficial apps, streaming sites, and streaming hardware. Often these apps, sites, and devices look legitimate and even go as far as charging subscription fees, but using them can result in financial losses and the theft of pictures, documents, and other sensitive information.

It could also expose your photos and other personal information.

Best Kodi Addons for Movies, Sports, Live TV Shows ()

Steal the login credentials for sites you shop on and go on a spending spree. Steal the login credentials for your bank account and steal your money. Use your computer to commit crimes. What about streaming boxes and paid subscriptions?

Rugby Pass Kodi addon Installation guide

An emerging danger is rogue streaming hardware. They look legitimate, charge a monthly subscription fee, and promise almost unlimited streaming access. But in many cases, they link to pirate apps. Why is that a concern? If apps on the box or that are later downloaded have malware, the user has helped the hacker past network security.

It even looks like the legitimate site, fooling people into thinking they are signing into the legitimate site and giving up their login credentials.

Not online and not through a video streaming device. Related Articles:.

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