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Saturday, November 16, 2019 10:54:47 AM

One of the many perks of owning an Android device is being able to stream live sports. Thanks to the latest mobile technology, sports fans now have unparalleled access to games happening all over the world. However, with all that information at your fingertips, you may be curious about how to get in the game, virtually speaking. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about live sports streaming.

Free Rugby Streaming

The content on this channel can be accessed through Kayo Sports or Foxtel, two services we will compare in more detail below.

You can watch some games on free-to-air TV through Channel 10 or live stream it through 10Play.

However, this is only a selection of matches. You will be able to catch the Wallabies matches, but most of the other World Cup games will not be available on Channel Plus, you won't get any of the viewing features of Kayo Sports, nor any of the additional programming coming through Fox Sports.

Below you will find a detailed comparison of your options, and below that is a table that makes it even easier to see which Rugby TV options is best for you. Kayo Sports has access to all the content from the 14 best channels in Foxtel's premium Sports Pack. All in HD! Overall you can access over 50 sports , including most of the important global rugby union competitions and tournaments live.

However, Kayo Sports isn't locked to channels.

How to watch the Rugby World Cup quarter

Instead it presents a Netflix-like user interface where subscribers browse sports like one might look at categories such as Sci-Fi or Action. In each sport, a smorgasbord of live and on-demand content is on offer. Plus, there's all the additional sports programming, including magazine shows, entertainment shows, press conferences, interviews, documentaries and more.

Plus, Kayo can show everything that is happening in live sports.

How Can I Stream Live Sports on My Android device?

By comparison, sometimes there's so much sport on Foxtel runs out of channels to show it. In addition to the sporting content, Kayo innovates with its feature-set, providing a host of neat viewing experiences you can't get anywhere else. This includes SplitView, where you can watch up to four sports at once on one screen.

There's Interactive Stats, a picture-in-picture mode, a No Spoilers which hides scores option, choose your own camera opportunities, Key Moments jump to important parts of a live match and more.

Our full review has all the details. How to access Kayo Sports Kayo Sports comes with a day free trial , which means you can enjoy a chunk of the Rugby World Cup without paying a cent, too.

There are more devices coming in the future , too. However, if you already own a subscription, you can add the Sports and HD Packs to your account. It's more expensive and doesn't have any of the amazing features of Kayo either, but it's not without some positives.

This is the only place you can watch the Rugby World Cup in 4K resolution, which looks astonishing.

All Blacks Rugby

Plus, you can record live TV to watch at a later date. And the Foxtel Go app that comes with your subscription allows you to live stream the Rugby World Cup to your phone or tablet at no extra cost.

How to Watch Live Rugby on Kodi

If not, go with Kayo. It's a HD streaming only platform, but you are forced to get the non-sport Essentials base pack before you can access the Sports bundle. Interestingly, in mid-September , Foxtel also ditched the Foxtel Now app.

‎Ultimate Rugby on the App Store

This strange decision was said to be about shifting subscribers across to a more up-to-date and better provisioned app. However, it seems like it will only act to confuse consumers.

Still, if you would like to give Foxtel Now a go, then there is a day free trial on offer. Watch the Rugby World Cup for free on Channel 10 As mentioned earlier, Channel 10 will be showing a selection of games on both the TV, and through the 10Play app and website.

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This includes the Wallabies games and a choice selection of finals matches. While free is good, you do miss out on a lot by taking this route. You'll miss all the other games, you won't get any of the supplementary programming and on-demand replays, and you'll have to suffer through ads.

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