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They lack the time to do the research or the resolve to stick with it when adversity sets in.

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Given this, they ought to focus on managing what they can—saving, diversifying, and minimizing expenses, including taxes, by indexing across the board.

Even if that theoretically means forgoing some extra returns. Other investors, however, will want to mix it up, and so the question becomes—how?

Study To estimate that payoff and penalty, we compiled the rolling month, pre-fee capital asset pricing model alphas of all U. We repeated this for all funds—including those that had been merged or liquidated—and rolling periods, then grouped those alphas by Morningstar Category.

We subtracted the 75th percentile alpha from the 25th percentile to approximate the interquartile range of historical pre-fee alphas, and then divided that range by two to approximate the spread of alphas on either side of an assumed zero median.

To illustrate, below is a plot of the distribution of rolling month, pre-fee CAPM alphas of all active funds that have resided in the large-blend category since January The chart cuts off the top and bottom percentiles of the distribution for presentation purposes.

Findings We found that in some areas just about all active funds produced similar results before fees, while in others it varied considerably. In general, equity funds produced a wider range of pre-fee alphas than fixed-income funds, as shown in the exhibit below.

Source: Morningstar. The interquartile ranges shown above represent the difference between the 25th and 75th percentile pre-fee CAPM alphas calculated vs.

We divide those interquartile ranges by two to approximate the spread of alpha around an assumed zero alpha. This yields a sense of how much pre-fee alpha has varied, excluding outliers, among active funds in a Morningstar Category over time.

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From this we can infer a sense of the potential payoff, and penalty, of investing in particular active investing styles. For further details, see the Study section below.

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Equity Among the nine U. Not surprisingly, pre-fee alpha ranged more widely among small- and mid-cap funds, reflecting the wider spread of outcomes associated with those more-volatile investment styles.

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International small- and mid-cap funds experienced the widest range of pre-fee alphas. Among taxable-bond funds, funds in riskier and more-freewheeling categories saw the widest range of pre-fee alphas.

True, the range of pre-fee alpha among active high-yield bond funds has substantially narrowed, but other categories—intermediate-term bond core, short-term bond, and world bond-dollar hedged—have more or less held steady. The outlier was the high-yield muni category, where pre-fee alphas ranged more widely, owing to the loftier credit risk of the municipal bonds in which such funds invest.


In fact, they rose across every category shown from January to December , with active high-yield muni-bond funds experiencing the biggest jump.

For instance, we found the potential payoff of successful active foreign small-cap funds exceeded 2. The findings also yield insights into how much to pay for active funds across various investment styles. For instance, in categories where the potential pre-fee payoff has been less, then it stands to reason fees would also need to be correspondingly lower in order to leave any room to generate alpha after fees.

In that sense, these findings might help investors to estimate an appropriate fee to pay. But some caveats apply as well.

While the potential payoff of active investing looks tantalizing in some categories, an investor still must successfully identify and choose those skilled managers in advance to capture it. This is especially important to keep in mind with respect to categories or styles that involve very expansive or heterogeneous markets.

Given this, the potential reward should be weighed against the risk of choosing wrong. An investor must be able to live with the investment.

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Some of the categories with the biggest potential payoffs are volatile, and investors have shown a propensity to bail amid underperformance or market turbulence.

This might argue against going active in volatile equity categories, which can rattle investors more easily, and argue for active fixed income, where the payoff has been less but also comparatively more stable.

For instance, the median pre-fee alpha has been modestly negative across the three U. Thus, while dispersion of pre-fee alpha can yield a directional sense of the potential payoff to active investing, it is still important to consider it a broader context, pairing it with other research like data on active-fund success rates in different investing styles.

Within equity, we found that active small- and mid-cap funds offered the largest potential payoff, with dispersion of pre-fee alpha widest of all among foreign small-cap funds. That said, the range of pre-fee outperformance has been narrowing among equity funds over time, whereas it has been relatively stable among fixed-income funds.

Investors can leverage these findings in order to differentiate the potential payoff of active investing in various Morningstar Categories and investment styles, and to calibrate an appropriate fee to pay for active funds in certain instances. That said, investors considering these findings should be mindful of the trade-offs involved in trying to capture the large potential pre-fee payoffs of active investing in certain styles.

These include the risk of being wrong or of not being able to stick with the fund through thick and thin.

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