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Syg exam 1 study guide

Office Hours: , Mon. Telephone: Course Description and Objective: This course provides an overview of the discipline of sociology. Sociologists study society, meaning human social groups, through a variety of research methods. Students of this course will learn about many groups, here in the USA, and in many other places in the world, and will develop the sociological skills involved in identifying the ways in which people act as part of social forces.

Students will be encouraged to reconsider that which they feel they already know about society based upon common sense.

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Course Competencies: Competency 1. The student will demonstrate their knowledge of sociology as a social science by: a. Comparing the contributions of major figures in the field.

The student will gain knowledge through lectures, case studies, simulated outbreaks, readings, exercises, and an individual project. Course Objectives 1.

Describing the main theoretical approaches prevalent in the discipline. Contrasting different research methods in sociology. Competency 2. The student will examine the importance of culture and socialization in the structuring and functioning of society by: a.

Contrasting the concepts of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism as opposite ways of evaluating cultural variation.

Explaining the process of socialization including the role played in this process by the family, peers, schools, the church and the media. Discussing the notion of deviance as an aspect of organized social life.

Competency 3.

GEO Section # D Physical Geography

The student will investigate the issue of social stratification and inequality by: a. Describing the conflict and structural-functional interpretations of the issue.

  • Midterm Exam 1, Friday, October.
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Explaining the importance of social stratification to the individual and to society. Identifying key terms applicable to the concepts of race, ethnicity, and gender, and distinguishing the major racial and ethnic groups and how they fared in the United States.

Competency 4.

Cengage Advantage Books Introduction to Sociology 11th

The student will explore the subjects of social change and social institutions by: a. Identifying the concept of a social institution and analyzing specific forms an institution may take, such as family, religion, education.

The UF Advisor: February

Examining the impact of social change in social institutions. Distinguishing between various forms of collective behavior. Competency 5.

City College Academic Catalog by Gio G.

The student will show an understanding of other sociological dimensions of social change by: a. Identifying theories, concepts and trends affecting world population growth. Exploring the major demographic trends affecting the United States. Identifying the evolution of urbanization patterns on a national as well as on a global basis.

Examining the unprecedented challenges of the urban population explosion in the United States and world-wide.

  • Preview 2 out of 5 pages. The exam will be on Thursday, September 30th from 1: 3: 50pm 7- 8th periods in our normal classroom.
  • Wright Mills- Sociological imagination: i.
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Required Textbook: James Henslin.

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