Most Watched Sporting Events In America

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These outdoor events bring in millions, sometimes even billions of viewers for a single game! Sports events such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup, and the Super Bowl are often the most anticipated events of the year. Despite its youth, this event attracted 1 billion viewers in the competition! Twenty countries participated in this outdoor event, leading to the final game with New Zealand battling Australia. The reigning champions, New Zealand, defended their title by defeating Australia with a score of

The World's Most Watched Sporting Events

People were more prone to go to stadiums, sports clubs or sports grounds to watch the live moments and capture real excitement of their leisure times but nowadays it is converting to stay home and watch their favorite sports with just a click on a button away.

It is all due to the hectic life and busy routine of everyone who still loves to be part of his favorite sport.

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World [Updated ]

They have the same excitement to watch live sports on the screen by feeling the comfort zone of their busy schedule. The most-watched sports on TV in America is not limited to a single sport these days but the popularity is growing with the number of fans all over the world.

Top 10 most-watched sports on TV in America Sport is the center of attraction for everyone in modern times. Sport is passion these days all over the world among any age group regardless of being young or adult.

People have different choices in selecting their favorite sport and enjoying it to watch on TV in the season of that particular sport. A common survey has been conducted to know the top 10 most popular sports watched on TV in America for the year of which has already halfway passed.

Here is the top watched on TV, most revenue-generating and most played sports in according to a national ranking survey. This is the most famous sport in the year Indeed, American football maintained the top ranking in the past few years in America.

National football league NFL is organizing it well since the origin. Viewers will enjoy watching great performances of their favorite top 10 Football players of like Patric Mahomes, Aaron Donald, and Tom Brady. It is highest in ranking among all other major sports.

Super Bowl Sunday is the most-watched and biggest annual sporting event conducted in America. It is also known as United States National pastime. As compared to any other sports in America, Baseball is the game of records and statistics.

Baseball is divided into two levels, i Minor league baseball, ii Major league baseball. MLB is the highest level of baseball competition in America.

Patriots involved in 3 of top most

The winner is determined after the complete seven playoff series by American League and National League. The season of Major League Baseball began on March 20th. TV viewers can have their TV sets stay tuned throughout the year to enjoy the upcoming series of Major League Baseball as it is scheduled until September 29th.

The postseason is going to start on October 1st and the World Series is starting on October 22nd. The most potential Game 7 would be played on October 30th. The celebration of the th anniversary of Baseball is another add on to the excitement of the thrilling game.

The most important fact is that baseball continues to carry its ranking incredibly strong on TV as compared to other sports in primetime during the spring and summer months especially.

Most Watched Sports in the Unites States of America (USA)

More importantly, baseball continues to rank incredibly strong in the television ecosphere compared to other content in primetime during the spring and summer months. The regional sports TV Channels that host MLB teams are 1 in the ranking of their competition with other networks in their designated market area.

This is just an average statistic of one sport major channel to present an idea. National Basketball Association NBA was established in and as it turned to a multibillion-dollar enterprise, basketball also turned to an integral part of American culture.

American colleges also started taking part in basketball activities later on the highest level. Vanderbilt University became the first known U. S college to build a team of basketball players against an outside opponent.

It is the second consecutive tournament championship held in Cincinnati. The highest TV ratings in the past few years declined to a visibly reduced number but it rises in by giving an average of 8. According to the recent figures, it is easily understanding that the viewership is up 8. If we talk about the total average viewership outside the United States, then Canada won the place of holding the record by giving the average viewership of Game 5 NBA Finals for It is a record-breaking broadcast that brings in massive viewership in numbers.

It ranked in the Top 10 most-watched sports broadcast in Canadian history ever.

Most Watched Sporting Events in the U.S.

It is starting on September 15th, Most importantly 80 teams are taking part in four regions of Africa, Americas, Europe and, Asia which will play regular home and away games to enter for the FIBA Basketball World Cup that is going to held in China. The NHL is the league that organizes the games and it has around 4.

The event of the NHL will be its rd season of operation. The regular season will commence on October 2, , and will end on April 4, The winner of this event was Finland with Canada being the runner up and Russia and the Czech Republic being third and fourth place respectively. The event was held in two cities Bratislava and Kosice.

About 1.

NFL ratings: Football dominates most

According to recent research, more than million people around the world play soccer regularly in America and all over the world. According to a statement from Fox Sports, approximately It is an Olympic sport, commonly played at all levels of society and equally famous at all ages.

  • It was the one of the most watched baseball games of That viewership total, and its Nielsen rating of 2.
  • Our ranking reveals that FIFA World Cup is the biggest name in the events niche, gathering more people than any other in the list.
  • Most Popular Sports in The World 1.
  • ReddIt American Football is the most popular sports in America.

Tennis is one of the most popular worldwide spectator sport and also played by millions of recreational players. Tennis tournaments are famous as the four Grand Slam Tournaments also referred to as the Majors.

They became the most prestigious events in the history of tennis since the mid of the s by carrying its highest ranking.

It took place at Melbourne Park from January 14th to 27th It consisted of events for professional players in singles, doubles and mixed doubles while Junior and wheelchair players competed in tournaments as well.

It was the first Australian Open to feature final set tie-breaks. It hit the best mark in the last seven years. The upcoming event of WTA finals will take place at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center the week of October 28th, and this is the 49th edition of the event.

It is unlike most ball games, does not utilize a standardized playing area and coping with the varied terrains encountered on different courses is a key part of the game.

5 of the Most Watched Soccer Events in US History

It is a fact that traditional participation has stabilized in the past few years with a healthy 24 million on-course golfers. This number has been rapidly increased in It is obvious from the statistics that the ratio of the American TV audience for the final rounds of major Golf tournaments since has increased due to an increase in popularity this year as compared to past years.

According to the source, an average of TV viewers reached 5. S Open in The most recent tournament played in has won by Tiger Woods by achieving a rating of 7. It can be defined as the old forms combat that has the history started from year-old cave drawings in France as well as the early Egyptian and Babylonian reliefs show moves glimpses can be seen in modern form today.

It was equally popular in ancient Greece and now holding a prominent place in the worldwide Olympic Games. It is well known for professional wrestling as well as branched out into other fields of movies, real estate and various sorts of other multi-billion industries and business ventures.

Professional wrestling has been dramatically changed to better fit into television culture by enhancing character traits and storylines. The TV also gave a boost to many wrestlers break into mainstream media by becoming celebrities and icons of popular American culture. It was a trend for the world as well as Americans to initially began using public streets as a host of automobiles races but with the passage of time, it was soon discovered to be unsafe for the public.

Finally, the way to turn it into a proper sport by designating more appropriate tracks such as horse racing was discovered by promotors and drivers in the United States than leaving it a public street sport.

Safety and enjoyment were determined to provide better conditions for drivers and spectators than public streets.

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