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Share this page Rugby League in Yorkshire Rugby League is Yorkshire born and bred having been formed following a meeting between 21 clubs at the George Hotel, Huddersfield in It has since developed into one of the most popular and passionate sports in Britain.

Noel White (rugby league)

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Marshall named the team Braves after the name of the field the team used, Braves Field, which was the home of the National League baseball team. The team was moved to Fenway Park in and the its name was changed to the Redskins.

Marshall was often unhappy with the lack of fan support for the Redskins in Boston and ended up moving the team to Washington, D. That same year, Marshall created a fight song and official marching band for the Redskins, the first to do so in the NFL.

Australia's Oldest Living Test Captain

Did You Know? The Washington Redskins have soldout their home games since , the longest consecutive sellout streak in NFL history. The Spartans were initially formed in and had joined the NFL the following year.

Two years later, the Spartans played in one of the most important games in NFL history, a championship game against the Chicago Bears.

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After that game came three major rule changes and the NFL was separated into two divisions and a championship game was played annually. Prior to the purchase of the Spartans, there had been several attempts to establish a professional team in Detroit.

The Detroit Lions had their best seasons in the s and have been trying to recapture that greatness ever since.

The Detroit Lions have never won a Super Bowl and last won a championship game in From the start, the New York Giants were a popular team and more than 70, people had come out to watch the team play during its first season.

The Giants were also a strong and skilled team from the beginning and won their first NFL Championship in , their third season.

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Members of the Mara family still own the New York Giants today, along with Tisch family, who purchased 50 percent of the team in From its inception in , the Packers, who were sponsored by the Indian Packing Company, have been based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The Bears started out in Decatur, Illinois as the Staleys and were moved to Chicago the following year.

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The team changed its name to the Chicago Bears in and has never moved cities or changed its name since then. The Staley Starch Company also allowed Halas to move the team to Chicago if he promised to keep the Staleys name for one more year.

From the start, the Chicago Bears have been one of the most popular and successful franchises in the NFL. Today, the Chicago Bears are still owned by members of the Halas family.

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