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Because of its size, features, ground clearance of 21 cm and length of mm, we classify the Mitsubishi Pajero 5p in the category of large SUV and 4x4 cars. Money Back Guarantee!. If you are considering the mileage parameter, then we suggest that Toyota Innova [ - ] is better as its mileage is

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Its total revenue is about 1. It is historically descended from the Mitsubishi zaibatsu, a unified company which existed from , founded by Yataro Iwasaki, to and was disbanded during the occupation of Japan following World War II.

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The former constituents of the company continue to share the Mitsubishi brand, trademark, and legacy. Although the group companies participate in limited business cooperation, most famously through monthly "Friday Conference" executive meetings, they are formally independent and are not under common control.

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The Mitsubishi Group is made up of about 40 individual companies with no controlling parent company. Each of the Mitsubishi companies owns substantial but usually not controlling portions of the shares of the others.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport A chilly morning greets us as our group goes up to the Fujigane off-road track in Japan.

Twenty-nine of the group companies participate in the Friday Conference, a luncheon meeting of their most senior executives held on the second Friday of each month. The group began its tradition of monthly executive meetings in , and over time the meetings became a venue for coordinating policy between the group companies.

However, by the s, this practice was criticized particularly by non-Japanese investors as a possible violation of antitrust law.

Since , the Friday Conference has officially been held as a social function, and not for the purpose of discussing or coordinating business strategy. Despite this, the Friday Conference has been a venue for informal cooperation and coordination between the group companies, most notably in bailing out Mitsubishi Motors during the mid s.

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In addition to the Friday Conference, the group companies' heads of general affairs hold a meeting on the third Monday of each month, and the group companies' legal and IP departments hold a trademark policy coordination meeting on the first Friday of each month.

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