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Sunday, February 2, 2020 11:57:22 AM

Only Premier Sports branding appears on the channel, with the exception of Setanta's coverage of the Premier Leaguewhich was blocked on Premier Sports. Availability[ edit ] Premier Sports operates on satellite provider Sky. Premier Sports Extra only operated for a limited number of hours during midweek, when Premier Sports closed as they used a single satellite stream. On 30 Junethe video bit rate was increased from 2. For many years, Premier Sports was not available on Virgin Mediaalthough negotiations were held in early


As a result of the 3M sponsorship, the crucial Sprint Cup race will be screened free-view on Sunday 23 October, and every pre-race show will also be free.

Premier Sports

The Sprint Cup series is screened on Sunday nights and the sponsorship agreement lasts until 20 November. Making the crucial Sprint Cup race at Talladega free-view to every Sky platform home is a way of celebrating this relationship and bringing the wonderful spectacle of NASCAR to as many people as possible.

Big events such as the Talladega Sprint Cup race typically draw UK audiences numbered in hundreds of thousands.

TV advertising will especially support those involved in vehicle graphics, body refinishing and repair. This is favoured for its light weight, reliable performance, expert finish and speed to apply; core characteristics mirrored by the NASCAR racing team and its award winning pit crew known as the Pitbulls.

NBCSN Nascar Go Creative Streaming TV Truck Series Race at Michigan Int'l Speedway

In the UK, the recently-revamped wrapyourcurves. The professional vehicle wrapping site has been built to ensure 3M can be found quickly and easily and includes clear, precise search tools for finding car and van wrapping support services at a local as well as national level.

It also offers upgraded web-marketing tools for members, opportunities for wrappers to showcase their work to customers and an improved user experience inviting customer enquiries.

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Developed for manufacturers and automotive professionals, 3M's car care products offer the latest innovations for cleaning and protecting vehicle paintwork, interiors, wheels and tyres, and restoring scratched surfaces.

As well as trade sales, the products are also available to consumers online at www. Beky Cann.

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