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Supreme Chancellor Palpatinea mentor to the young Jedi, claimed that the dark side was a pathway to this ability: he could stop people from dying with Sith power. Rechristened as Darth Vader, he became an agent of evil.

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But that's OK because, as she said to Jimmy Fallon, she has "mad ninja skills," stemming from a martial arts tournament she said she was in once.

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Yeah, I trained for six months. I really liked that show, you know, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid - that was awesome - and I think I thought it was going to be fun like that.

Additional Videos Rishi is influenced by his father's ideals and grows just like his father. But Bhupathi doesn't want his son to follow the violence and make more enemies.
Rebel Movie Fight Scenes One Saturday morning detention brings together five high-school archetypes: a Jock, a Nerd, a Princess, a Rebel and a Freak. The five gradually begin to share parts of their ordinarily segregated lives, and realise that they are not so different after all.
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So anyway, so I trained for six months, and in the first round - the competition was held in Johannesburg, South Africa - and I versed a girl from Soweto in the first round, and she was like, built.

And then the referee blew his whistle, and that was the end of the first round. So I went to go back to my corner, and as I turned and looked away, she went makes punching motion and smacked me right in the middle of my face.

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And then I started crying, like hysterically crying. And I said, 'I want to quit the fight,' 'cause it was just a joke, I didn't mean to be here.

And then my sensei said, 'You can't quit.

Rebel Wilson News on Weight Loss and Court Trial Updates

It would bring shame on the dojo. And I lost the fight, and I cried for three hours straight. And I've never been in a fight since. I remember the skills.

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