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Monday, November 4, 2019 1:35:54 PM

Tate is very familiar with both Rousey and Nunes. She fought Rousey twice, in andand coached against her on a reality television series. That's just my bias. I think it's more probable for a fight to go to the ground and get finished than it is for a clean knockout. That's less common in women's MMA.

We'll have those bouts and many others, live, below. So, stick with us all night long for complete UFC coverage! Uriah Hall vs. Robert Whittaker Round 1 Stefan Struve vs. Jared Rosholt Round 1 Lots of measuring and feeling out, with Struve stalking the wrestler.

Rosholt trying to figure out the range against his giant opponent. A low kick attempt from Struve is caught by the four-time All-American wrestler and turned into a takedown. Rosholy passes the guard and goes into side mount.

Rosholt moves to a knee on belly position to attempt punches. Struve squirms and dislodges him. Rosholt dives in with his knee and slices through the guard of the Dutchman. Struve hangs on to a half guard as Rosholt holds onto the far-side arm of Struve.

Rosholt passes to side control once again, with a minute left. Struve controlling posture with his left arm and comes out the back door, trying to escape but Rosholt maintains the top position. Round 2 Rosholt worked in for a takedown from the start. Struve shows some great takedown defense and keeps himself off the mat.

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Rosholt re-shoots and scores with another takedown. Struve turns his back, stands and tries to break the grips locked around from behind but the OSU grad drags him back down. Struve scrambles and kicks his way out of side mount but doesn't hustle up, so Rosholt gets back on top of him, in the full guard.

Rosholt stands and steps over the right leg of Struve to work to half guard. Round 3 Rosholt works for a single-leg takedown, but Struve quickly defends and gets free. Rosholt shoots for another, pressing the big man against the cage.

Struve lands a head kick, in a glancing way. Struve follows up with a push kick. Struve lands a left hook that stumbles Rosholt.

UFC Live: Ronda Rousey Vs. Holly Holm Round By Round, Card Results

Struve follows up with a left high knee but then Rosholt scores another takedown. The wrestler lands in side mount.

Struve gets up but stumbles after Rosholt pushes him. Still, Struve gets on top in half guard after a scramble. Struve ends the fight landing downward elbows from on top in half guard. Official Decision: All three judges score the fight for Rosholt.

Jake Matthews vs. Akbarh Arreola Round 1 Arreola lands a body kick, Matthews tries to catch it and work for a takedown but the Mexican angles out and gets free. Matthews ties him up and presses him against the cage. Arreola lands a very low kick, to the shin and trips Matthews.

The blow knocks him down, Arreola pounces and lands a left hook that stuns the Celtic Kid. Arreola lands a high kick that wobbles Matthews, and then two big punches to the head!

Matthews falls and Arreola takes his back, face down, and looks for the rear naked choke. Matthews defends nicely with seconds waning in the round. Matthews escapes, stands and takes top position and rains down with punches. Round 2 Matthews lands a high kick and then a double leg takedown. Matthews in full guard.

Matthews opens up Arreola with punches and elbows. Arreola having trouble controlling the posture of Matthews and he continues to eat big right elbows, over the top. Matthews going over the top with punches, and when Arreola raises his guard high to defend, the Aussie goes short and inside with his punches.

Very slick, very technical ground strikes. Thirty seconds left. Arreola looked for submissions when he had Matthews down. Matthews has looked to, and been able to, do huge damage in the same situations.

  • That's the title you get when you destroy Ronda Rousey in under a minute.
  • Lyoto Machida- Middleweight championship bout Ronda Rousey vs. Matt Mitrione Uriah Hall vs.
  • That was 15 November and in two rounds Rousey went from a whirl of fury and fire who stomped across all-comers to a crushed soul. It happens this way in fighting, especially in MMA.
  • Ronda Rousey Is Returning to the U. Can She Dominate Again?

Round 3 The fight is stopped in between rounds. Kyle Noke vs. Peter Sobotta Round 1 Noke stalking Sobotta and landing kicks, to start. Good lead leg kick from Noke. Sobotta takes the center of the ring and then eats a big front kick to the gut that drops him.

He yells in pain, eats a barrage of punches on the ground, and the referee steps in to stop it. Anthony Perosh vs. Gian Villante Round 1 Villante lands a huge overhand right that hurts Perosh, then another!

The Morning Call

Perosh steps in and lands a short right hand to the head. Villante lands another right hand, then a left hook and uppercut, to the head.

Perosh is staggered, though he keeps his hands up and continuing to punch. Villante lands a push kick to the body. Perosh lands a right cross to the head but then gets clipped with another right punch to the jaw that knocks him cold and makes him fall to the ground.

Official Decision: Villante wins by KO right punch at of the first round. Richie Vaculik vs. Danny Martinez Round 1 Martinez grabs a kick from Vaculik and takes him down. Vaculik gets back to his feet but Martinez shoots and scores with a double leg takedown.

Vaculik uses an overhook on Martinez's left arm to control his posture and gets a stand up from the referee. Huge overhand and hooks from Martinez that mostly miss.

Eventually, Vaculik ducks under one of them and scores his own takedown. Martinez switches beautifully and takes top position with 30 seconds left. Good left punchces from Martinez against the cage, before Vaculik gets up and shoots for his own takedown.

Martinez sprawls and controls with a front headlock until the horn. Round 2 Martinez lands a big cross and Vaculik scores with his own head punches.

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