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Read more about sharing. The British men's eight boat - which won gold at the Rio Olympics - finished fifth at the European Championships in Glasgow Great Britain have a strong team in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for the World Championships, which run from September. Inspired to try rowing? Find out how to get into rowing with our special guide.

World Rowing Cup

Advertisement Cracknell won gold medals for rowing at the Olympic Games of and , so he was — and indeed still is — one hell of an oarsman.

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Like the cavalry charger responding to the whiff of cordite, the fascination of sinking your ego and your ambitions into a crew and moving a boat at speed across the water becomes irresistible.

He wants to lay down a serious academic qualification so that he can help the NHS in the best possible way. We can change our attitude to diet as we changed our attitude to smoking.

All-Big 12 First Team

He has a 2 hour 43 minute London marathon on his CV, and his knowledge of the complex mix of ingredients that makes a boat work has never left him. The crew has people from Poland, Australia, the United States and Britain: we all began with slightly different techniques and the challenge was to work together.

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They are missing out on the social side of being at university, having to get up very early to train. I have kids; early mornings are no shock to me.

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Harder, perhaps, was the mental side of the challenge. The sport has evolved, so I had to change with it.

  • See Article History Rowing, propulsion of a boat by means of oars.
  • Everyone thinks they know what a pro athlete does. But do we really know?
  • The twist was that the nudity had a serious point beyond the usual student cheekiness: it was about straight sportsmen showing gay, bi and trans men that they were welcome in the world of sport. Since then, the Warwick Rowers' profile has grown globally as a leading example of straight allies.
  • Both Nonnast and Vollmer rowed for their country at the Under World Championships, while Nonnast also competed at the Under regatta.

He is relishing the deep experience of belonging that comes from being part of a team — and a boat crew is more than most teams: its eight members, plus the cox, must seek to become one in a sense that you never find in any ball game.

And for me, I know that what I will always remember will be waking up on race day, thinking of the crew, knowing that their dreams are in your hands — and your dream is in theirs.

Cracknell has taken on two great youthful pursuits in maturity: to race, give all and win if you can, and also to set about making the world a better place.

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