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Russia game at 6. Tokyo Stadium will host the starting games. Also, check out Flashscore official website for detailed analysis and scores of all matches.

The Rugby Channel Announces November Line Up

The Rugby World Cup official site fives you complete highlights and post-match analysis after each game. Japan vs. Russia Highlights Kotaro Matsushima is the name that is itched in history today.

Japan has kick-started the Rugby Worldcup with a bang.

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  • See all the quarter-final action, wherever you are Shares Image credit: Rugby World Cup Has it really been four years? It seems only last month Japan were causing the upset of the last Rugby World Cup by beating South Africa in the pool stage, and now they face the same team in the quarter-finals on home turf.
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  • For those new to the game, the sport shares the same appeal as American football. It offers tactical field progression achieved through astonishing athleticism and astounding violence — except in a free-flowing minute package.
  • Guide to the Guinness Six Nations and , kick off times, fixtures, tickets and tv listings Guide to the Guinness Six Nations and , kick off times, fixtures, tickets and tv listings The and Six Nations will once again see the England , France , Ireland , Italy , Scotland and Wales international rugby union teams take each other on over the course of five thrilling rugby-packed weekends of fixtures.

Putting up a great show against Russi, they have won With this kind of wizardry, Japan is undoubtedly flexing some serious muscles. Australia won over Fiji that too by a close score of Really for the first hour of the game, the Fiji team was an eye stopper.

Their discipline and strategy were just too good. Well, finally the Aussies gained over them demonstrating solid grit and powerplay. Australia 39 Fiji 21 France Vs Argentina Well, what a game it was, pure excitement and adrenaline rush throughout.

It was pretty hard to say till the very last that who would win. Finally, with the score of , France has won over Argentina. But let us tell you one thing that it was a pretty close call after all.

France 23 Argentina 21 New Zealand Vs. The match was fascinating to the end, and it proves that small mistakes during the gameplay can lead to defeat. Namibia has a long way to go, but they are also a good team. Wish to see their work more.

Just look at the score of Clearly shows that Ireland has done its homework well and is ready to mow down some competition.

They defeated Tonga badly. I mean the score of is self-explanatory and needs no more evidence of how easy it would have been for the English team. Tonga also played well, and we hope to see improvements in them soon.

All in all, an excellent match to watch.

Rugby union in the United States

England 35 Tonga 3 Wales vs Georgia Wales have won. Not surprising at all with a score of 43 — 14 it was not anyways a tough fight against Georgia. The action was immense and we liked every bit of it. Wales 43 Georgia 14 Russia vs Samoa Well, this was an amazing thing to see.

Great Russia was beaten by Samoa and that too without much effort at all. Samoa seems to be completely charged up for the RWC. That means we are going to see some real deal action this time. Fingers crossed! The match was really exciting with both the teams putting up a real nice show till the very end.

No one was prouder than Juan Manuel Garamara the captain of the Uruguay team, with such a close shave win a celebration is surely called for. Italy really mowed them down this time. The score of is a sure sign that the Italian team has really prepped up for the Rugby World Cup and has shown its prowess in the match.

Canada really ended up badly in the match and this is something which was least expected. This is something which was really not expected. With a score of , we can safely say that the USA team did not prepare well for this match. Its just the beginning of the war and the first battle has been lost by the US.

With a score of , we can say that Tonga has put up a good fight anyway. Well, the match was all that RWC is all about. That is pure excitement and fun. We mean a score of can nothing be short of a close shave. What a match it was with Wales winning just with a short margin.

Both the teams played very well and it sure was a thrilling match to watch. Australia 25 Wales 29 Scotland vs Samoa Well, it was almost unexpected. A score of was really that was not being anticipated.

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The French have managed to defeat the Americans. This is really amazing as this time it seems that the USA team is not ready enough of the games. As for the French men, things are looking pretty bright and we hope they keep their performance consistent.

FloRugby Expands Autumn Internationals Coverage

A score of , this match should be the best one by far on Rugby World Cup Wow-what a thrill it was. Kiwis really had it all under control and the Canadian team was pretty clueless.

If things remain like this then it would not be a wonder that NZ wins the cup once again. The score of clearly shows that Fiji is not a team to be messed with this RWC. Georgian team really needs to take a cue from it. They should focus on getting their game straight otherwise it would be all troubled waters for them.

Ireland has scored a handsome 35 and they did not allow Russia to even score a single point is a big deal in itself. Its high time that Italy pulls up their socks and do something about their performance. Australia 45 Uruguay 10 England vs Argentina A match that was well predicted.

We all had that feeling England will win and it did. A score of clearly shows that the Argentinian team needs to improve its game anyhow. Awaiting for the next matches with anticipation.

Rugby World Cup TV schedule: How to watch the quarter

England 39 Argentina 10 Japan Vs Samoa Playing well and performing well in the home country has its own charm. Japan is really at the epitome of their game skills and are killing every match that they play. Against Samoa, they have pitched a score 38 with a total tally of Well both the teams played really well and lets hope for some more action in the coming future.

They are like a tank that can take over any enemy. The match with Namibia again shows that they are ready to plunder and take the world cup home once again.

  • The Rugby World Cup has entered the knockout stages with England still in the hunt to secure the trophy for the first time since Advertisement Fans around the world will be desperate to soak up every minute of the action from the comfort of their living rooms, but how can you tune in?
  • Success: Due to the high tournament viewing figures, the cost of broadcasting rights has soared Getty Images Rugby World Cup TV Coverage Fast becoming one of the most anticipated and watched sporting events in the world, the rights to televise the Rugby World Cup every four years have become sought after by most broadcasting companies.
  • Live on TV Guide to the Six Nations , kick off times, fixtures, tickets and tv listings The Six Nations will once again see the England , France , Ireland , Italy , Scotland and Wales international rugby union teams take each other on over the course of five thrilling rugby-packed weekends of fixtures. This is an international competition that takes place annually, with each of the six sides playing each other once.
  • Over the next six weeks, 20 teams will battle it out for the right to be crowned world champions.
  • Main article: United States national rugby union team The United States national rugby union team is nicknamed the Eagles.
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