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Brian Butterworth published on UK Free TV 15th August at Whilst only partially free TV, Setanta Sports presents viewers with new sport viewing choices - which depend upon your digital television reception equipment. The Freeview channel is transmitted on multiplex 2 and appears on the Freeview electronic programme guide as channel If you can watch Channel 4 and ITV-1 on Freeview, you can see Setanta, but you may need to rescan your channels first. Some magazine shows such as the Monday Night Goals and the Friday Football Preview will be carried free-to-air to promote the channel's output. You can subscribe online or call 00 33 22 to get the required card.

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The game finished , with O'Rourke and Ryan losing money on the deal. Setanta has increasingly become the company to do business with in pay TV.

Setanta Sports Live Stream

Broadcasting in 24 countries, it has cannily taken advantage of the demand for British and Irish sports among expats in North America and Australia, while doing the same in reverse for US expats in Europe.

Setanta's position has been consolidated in Ireland and Scotland since it secured broadcast rights for the Scottish Premier League in But in England? As one observer states, matter-of-factly, "Setanta has been an absolute mystery to most people. East might be known as "the beast", but his lair is an unprepossessing fourth floor office off Pall Mall.

He shares it with three other members of the Setanta team and happily hands out business cards with his mobile number, which might explain why his phone buzzes incessantly.

In the first 10 minutes of our meeting, he fields calls from one of the station's owners, a member of the Rugby Football Union management and a presenter at Sky Sports purely social, of course. There might be more than a hint of false modesty about East's statement, particularly as he is the man responsible for bringing a slice of the Premiership pie to Setanta.

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Setanta will broadcast 46 matches in the Saturday and Monday evening slots a season, compared to Sky's It is a foothold in the market, but both slots have their challenges. Police favour early Saturday local derbies and high profile games over later kick-off times, while Monday night football rarely features the big names with the most successful clubs regularly in Champions League action later in the week.

Setanta Sports Live Stream

This rights coup will form the backbone of Setanta Golf's output, under the control of David Tippett, formerly executive producer of golf at Sky. See where we are heading here? David East does.

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Sky is a massive organisation, it's done absolutely brilliantly over the past 15 years and I think Vic Wakeling and Andy Melvin have done an amazing job for televised sport. We're practically a start-up business by comparison as far as the English TV audience is concerned.

And we are expecting the Death Star to appear over the office at some point during the year. It fought hard to retain broadcasting rights for Spanish football and the NFL this year, and Melvin is philosophical about the increased competition.

They're not our enemies. I wish them luck. I really mean that, because they're going to need it. I know what we've been through in the last 15, 16 years. The big difference now is that they're entering a market that's already very well served with sports channels.

Mark Mohan, commercial director at Setanta, disagrees, making the point that "Fifteen pounds is a reasonable price point for a premium product.

In , Setanta Sports will also be on the Freeview platform for consumers with a Freeview box with a card slot; and BT Vision subscribers can also get Setanta. Investors have been eager to plough money into the company to boost its war-chest.

This deal will also no doubt further bolster its Premiership war chest.

Setanta Sport Live streaming online

As East observes: "We've built up a fantastic package, now it's all down to how effectively we sell it. Setanta is certain that there are plenty of people out there who will be happy to pay the price. All it has to do now is find them.

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