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The competition classes in ID judo have to be defined similar to the physically handicapped field of the para sport: this means that an athlete with one arm and no legs cannot fight a blind man who has all his arms and legs.

This is a different class!

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The same goes for the ID judo field: minor impairments with an IQ grade of cannot compete against judoka with an additional Down syndrome. So there should be a total of 3 para competition classes.

Sport deutschland tv live stream judo

There must not be any performance class in para sports! Here also no comparison can be made to the Special Olympics organization. For they clearly and sustainably pursue and organize the grassroots sport only.

The ID judo sport is another class, the world class of intellectually impaired people! That at all para sport events in judo no athletes are allowed to be excluded or para competition classes are omitted because of the disability.

For example people with Down syndrome. This must be clear to all those involved in judo.

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Such a discrimination would inevitably discredit para sport and question all participation in Paralympics for years to come! ID judo athletes have a great reputation all over the world and, because of their FAIR and CLEAN sportsmanship, are a true example and an honorable and high level ambassador of judo sports.

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At the same time, this scientific statement regarding non-malicent acting athletes, especially in judo sport, describes a directive and exemplary sports spirit, to be promoted in its current form, especially in todays sports world, punctuated by doping scandals and corruption, and to be supported in all its purity.

My vision and plea to the judo world, to all judoka of this world, to all Presidents of all federations of this world, to all sports federations of this world, to all heads of government: promote the ID judo in the sense of a better sports world!

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