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Trachtenberg wsj. The employees on Thursday afternoon received notice that their jobs were being cut, according to the people. Sports Illustrated employs roughly people, one of the people said. TheMaven is planning to hire as many as contract workers in coming months to cover sports, the person said.

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Last week, the commentariat erupted with fury after the venerable magazine laid off at least 25 percent of its editorial staff, including a number of respected writers, and announced plans to hire scores of part-time freelancers.

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The magazine, once among the mightiest in the land, is tottering. I grew up with the magazine, back in the days when there was no other source for gorgeous glossy photographs of athletic events and in-depth analysis of games and trends.

I ache for the fine writers who have been unceremoniously booted out of their jobs.

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Everyone faces the same headwinds. Newsweek is a shell of its former self. The U. Sports Illustrated itself has endured three previous rounds of layoffs over the past five years.

If the critics can think of a better way to return SI to profitability, now is the time to shout it from the rooftops. Think Happy Paws. On the other hand, this past spring, Brides magazine ended 85 years in print. Under new owner Dotdash a subsidiary of IAC , the periodical will become all-digital.

Consider the Sporting News, which was founded in as a print publication. I scrutinized the Sporting News in order to understand how these far-flung games had actually unfolded. But once the web made that information easy to find, the publication took a good hard look at itself.

In , the Sporting News decided to go all-digital. Its fluctuating web traffic tends to place it toward the bottom of the top sports sites, according to Similarweb: blah, but not embarrassing. Story continues However heady its past, Sports Illustrated is likely headed in the same direction.

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And online, Sports Illustrated is a minnow. As of this writing, si. The shark is top-ranked espn.

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The vast spaces in between are filled in part by the sites of the major sports leagues and the sites of the broadcast television networks.

This is competition SI is unlikely to overcome.

Yet even ESPN, for all its dominance of sports media, has been unable to keep its print arm going. But those evolving consumer habits make selling quality journalism tougher.

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And unlike ESPN, Sports Illustrated lacks a wildly popular website to which it can move the fantastic journalists who provided the print content. But the way content is consumed is changing fast, and the numbers that have long been running against print magazines have hit sports periodicals with particular force.

The pinch is felt by every one of us who writes for a living. To survive, Sports Illustrated needs to rethink its enterprise.

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You can shake your fist at change or you can adapt. To contact the author of this story: Stephen L. Carter at scarter01 bloomberg. Stephen L.

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Carter is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He is a professor of law at Yale University and was a clerk to U.

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