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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 5:50:08 PM

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Star Suvarna Plus : TV schedule India

A haunted bungalow becomes the subject of reporter Nandini's research project and a director's interest for a movie set. However, as soon as they start working, paranormal occurrences are observed.

Aakash marries Urvashi after his first wife dies in an accident.

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However, he turns into a sociopath, when she kills his daughter for selfish reasons. Shankar Bhat practises black magic to get things done and fulfil all his wishes because of which his close ones suffer the consequences.

A healthcare expert discusses the symptoms and causes for a skin condition called psoriasis and suggests treatments and solutions. The host discusses asthma and various allergies with a panel of experts who share tips on how to prevent and control it.

Medical experts talk about the various causes of arthritis and recommend a number of preventive measures and corrective treatments.

The host discusses arthritis with a panel of medical experts who shares useful tips on how to prevent it. Varicose veins are noticeable veins under the skin that have enlarged, bulged or twisted and sometimes cause pain and discomfort.

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The host along with a medical expert discusses the bowel disease that affects a lot of people and suggests ways to cure and prevent it.

The host along with a medical expert sheds light on the causes, symptoms and treatments of various skin diseases and how to prevent them.

Guru, a gangster who wants to avenge his brother's death, saves a girl from a forced marriage. Consequently, she falls in love with him but he is compelled to choose between love and his profession.

Suvarna tv kannada serial durga mata

Talented comedians present their stand-up routines filled with jokes that are meant to keep the viewers rolling with laughter. The host discusses migraines with medical experts who share useful tips on how to prevent it.

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A health expert explains the signs and symptoms of diabetes and suggests helpful remedies and food habits that viewers can adopt.

Basavaraj, a social worker, is felicitated with an honorary doctorate but is insulted for being illiterate. Resultantly, he decides to enrol in his son's college, much to the latter's chagrin.

Ganesh, Diganth and Kitty arrive in Mugilupete to stay at Diganth's grandfather's farmhouse.

The channel carried a news report on the alleged involvement of some Kannada actress in the case. Ramya had alleged in her suit that during the publication of various news reports and shows on the matter, her photos and videos were telecast, thereby falsely suggesting that she was linked to the spot fixing case.

However, there Ganesh falls in love with Sowmya, a widow who stays with her in-laws, Kodandaram and Padma.

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