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Toga party at Marquette The hope is that he first brings the national championship that would finally remove the pain from that last-second loss to Smart and Indiana 16 years ago. The Orangemen are a young team, but they have experience as well. After all, reserve guard Tyrone Albright is 26 and married with three children, while Duany is

SU Basketball Broadcast Schedule

If these three alone got together, it would be a nice story. At the time, it was a bold move; considering the fact that it ended a longstanding partnership with a local AM giant and Syracuse institution, WSYR The university also created a breakthrough partnership with International Sports Properties now a part of the global powerhouse, IMG to market the advertising inventory of the broadcasts and other sponsorship elements under the aegis of the SU Athletics department.

List of Syracuse University people

Recently, Mike Veley, who was then the Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs emphasized the importance at the time of having the progressive plan succeed. To execute the framework of the program, Syracuse first hired a new play-by-play announcer; not straying far to do so.

Dave Pasch, a SU alum, was given the prestigious job, succeeding year Orange play-by-play broadcaster Doug Logan as the new Voice of the Orange. Prominent broadcasters trained at Syracuse attended a NYC function to announce the guest appearances.

They were SU trained alumni who excelled and grew into household names in broadcast sports.

NFL, NBA broadcaster returns to Syracuse for Glickman Award

An event was held in New York City to announce the guest appearances. When it comes to training those behind a mic or in front of a camera, Syracuse has wonderful resources, including partnerships that are best suited for training budding broadcasters.

Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Through CitrusTV, SU students have yet another way to get on-air experience in more of a host and analyst role. It also just recently added another show which encourages debate on topics covering the ACC and NCAA All of these opportunities foster a culture for students to be constructive and to learn the ins and outs of the business.

While Syracuse is known for producing wonderful on-air talent, it has also had a hand in educating top sports broadcast executives. David Levy, president of Turner, Sandy Montag, one of the most powerful broadcast agents and Ed Goren, former president of Fox Sports all call Syracuse their alma-mater.

It only appears that way.

  • Steve Novak approached it like a coin flip, figuring he was just as likely to hate picking up a microphone as love it. Caron Butler had nurtured the idea for more than a decade, ever since he got traded to Washington in and met three-time All-Star turned Wizards color analyst Phil Chenier.
  • A resulting partnership between Syracuse University and ESPN has given Newhouse students unprecedented experience in high-tech professional sports production and sports journalism, and allowed them to bring their work to a national audience. Since last fall, Newhouse students have been involved with every broadcast for ACC Network Extra—over 90 in total—both in front of and behind the camera.
  • Visit NCC News Meet the Producer Producers are the behind-the-scenes journalists who make decisions about what stories to cover and how they should be covered.
  • Sheridan, a graduate of Syracuse University, started calling games for the Catamounts at the beginning of the fall season.
  • Race, Gender, and the Media Specialized Reporting available for sports, politics, and science Communications Law for Journalists Practical Experience Link You will learn on both the local and national level from journalists who work as reporters, anchors, correspondents, and newsroom managers.

This said, Syracuse has the preponderance of some of the biggest names in American sports broadcasting. This list, prepared in alphabetical order, covers fifty visible voices who trace their training roots to Syracuse. Its purpose is to simply demonstrate the enormous success SU has had in the sports broadcast space.

Newhouse 1, Designed by I. Pei Syracuse University's former School of Journalism was founded in

It should also be pointed out that former Orange basketball star Leo Rautins, a Toronto native who studied at Newhouse, has served as color commentator on Toronto Raptors telecasts since In , he was inducted into the Ontario Basketball Hall of Fame.

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