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He was told that the network had already booked studio time for him and had been promoting his appearance. As he remained unwilling to present his essay, Carrier was asked to write about anything he wanted to fill the time. He stated in an interview that he began thinking of "when was it that I felt I was really myself? And I remember it was when I put on my skates and my Eaton catalogues on my legs, and I stood up, and I was taller than my mom, and I had a stick in my hands, so I was stronger than my brother, and I felt that I was little me.

Book: “The Hockey Sweater” Roch Carrier and Sheldon Cohen

  • It's happening at Showplace Performance Centre on Dec. Written by Roch Carrier and published in , The Hockey Sweater tells the story of a young French Canadian boy and his friends who idolize the Montreal Canadiens and their star player Maurice Richard.
  • By extension, this also meant that these businesses would favour those who could speak English.
  • The Hockey Sweater performance will take place on ice for the first time, with music provided by the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, narration courtesy of Mayor Don Atchison and illustrations from the book featured on a lowered scoreboard.
  • Like millions of other Canadians this past Sunday, I was glued to my television set, watching the gold medal game between Canada and United States in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. One game.

Please log in to bookmark this story. Courtesy Robert Thirsk He was told to pack light — though weight would be irrelevant for the days Robert Thirsk would be spending aboard the International Space Station. The issue, rather, was space — so little individual space in limitless outer space — and the Canadian astronaut would have to choose carefully when it came to personal items he would take along on his record-setting journey.

The Rocket Richard as Jesus and other tales: Remembering The Hockey Sweater

The production runs through Dec. The choice of outer-space reading material, Thirsk says, was a no-brainer. He wanted to send photographs back of him with the books so that schoolchildren all over Canada would be inspired to read — and where better to begin than with the Thirsk family favourite?

The whole family loved The Hockey Sweater. We lived in three places — the school, the church and the skating-rink — but our real life was the skating rink It has had orchestral treatment with Carrier and another Montreal Canadiens legend, Ken Dryden, sharing narration.

For more than a decade a snippet of the story graced the back of the Canadian five-dollar bill. This short story, born in small-town Quebec, is undeniably a Canadian classic.

I try not to understand. It was the late s and he was a young, published author — his first novel, La Guerre, Yes Sir!

Roch Carrier reflects on 'The Hockey Sweater'

I wanted to write about that. We had known each other for years and he had told me some of the anecdotes. I enjoyed the story a lot. Carrier was nervous, both for the story and, even more so, for his English. I helped with some of his pronunciation. Never a day goes by without something. Most of us have a link of some sort to a small town.

Small-town Canada speaks the language of the country. He thought it would make an ideal animated short. A couple of animators were approached but showed little interest.

The Hockey Sweater, Anniversary Edition by Roch Carrier

Another filmmaker, Wolf Koenig, suggested Canell check out a young illustrator named Sheldon Cohen, who had been working on very short, usually no more than 30 seconds long, features. Story continues below advertisement Cohen, who had attended McGill University with the intention of becoming a dentist, was different from other illustrators in that he had no classical art training.

An arrangement was made to have Cohen meet Carrier and to come with some sketches of what he might do with the story. But there was no reason for concern. Carrier loved the simplicity of the art. The two of them travelled to the little village, Sainte-Justine, where the story is set.

This is a Catholic story set in a small town. But it shows just how universal the story is. It touches so many backgrounds.

The story has a life and a magic to it that transcends this little village. Its appeal to children is obvious, but it has also come to mean a great deal to adults.

HNIC opening: 'The Hockey Sweater'

He was big and strong, looked like a truck driver or construction worker. And he seemed very nervous, agitated. I thought maybe he wanted to ask me a question. But he never asked a question. I asked him why he was there.

The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier

But then he brings me the book and we read it together and we look at the pictures … and we talk. Former professional ballerina Donna Feore directs and choreographs the musical, with book and lyrics by Emil Sher and music and lyrics by Jonathan Monro.

The cast of 17 features eight and year-old kids. Carrier regularly attended rehearsals in the lead-up to the Ottawa production.

The Hockey Sweater (Le Chandail De Hockey) HD

But we can ask Roch what exactly he was thinking of here. I was not a very good hockey player. That was my one dream. My other dream was to sing in the church choir but I could never make the choir. I get to perform my little story with an orchestra.

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