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Tuesday, September 24, 2019 2:31:56 PM

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Sportscaster George Michael dead at 70

mayweather vs mcgregor fight where to watch galaxy uptown

The sports highlight show is dead. Lost in the evaporating mist of history.

He was Michael's daughter, Michelle Allen, said Michael died from complications of chronic lymphocytic leukemia at Sibley Memorial Hospital.

Highlight shows have a long and illustrious history, and not just the thousands of episodes of SportsCenter that have aired on ESPN over the years. The George Michael Sports Machine has a huge legacy that impacted the industry.

For a long time, any and every sports network had to have a highlight show that would be their own version of SportsCenter. For sports fans of any age, the highlight show was likely an integral part of your fandom at some point along the way.

The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia

How we got here is no mystery. The sports highlight show in is completely obsolete. The digital revolution has made it so. Why does anyone need a sports highlight show when they can just open their Twitter page and see Vines of all the big plays of the night right on their timeline?

Why do we need to wait for SportsCenter to recap the Warriors-Heat game when they can go online to a number of different venues that will stream it for them instantly?

If sports fans really wanted a traditional highlight show then just one of the new options would have worked. Instead, every iteration of a national highlight show has come and gone by the wayside.

Sports Broadcasting

Fox Sports Live was the flagship program of Fox Sports 1 when the network launched in Well, at least that was half of the emphasis as they had to share the stage with the doomed Best Damn Sports Show Period athlete panel redux.

The panel was eventually scrapped and the focus became the highlights in Fox Sports Live 2. Now Fox Sports Live is a half-hour late-night show with a few highlights mixed in with interviews and comedy.

To show just how much media has evolved, the new Fox Sports Live is re-distributed as a podcast to reach fans digitally.

Spanning Twenty Years with WNBC's Len Berman

No analysts. No debates. No panels.

George Michael Sports Machine, the Real Story from His Daughter

No sponsored segments. Not even an anchor on camera. Just a voice reading scripts over highlights. This would be the answer to those prayers.

The hour highlights and news channel.

Response to protest shows the power of the sports machine

Realizing that the appetite and need for an entire hour of sports highlights was becoming a thing of the past, SportsCenter transitioned to telling you why something happened instead of just what happened.

When in years past SportsCenter would have led with a highlight package and then moved on to other things, now the post-MNF SportsCenter is a de facto postgame show with a focus on interviews and analysis at the stadium.

In , SportsCenter continues to take on different shapes. Instead of 24 hours of analysis and debate sprinkled in with highlights and news reporting, ESPN has moved to giving each episode of SportsCenter a distinct personality.

George Michael (sportscaster)

The midnight edition with Scott Van Pelt is the most unique incarnation of the show ever seen, with personality-inspired segments, monologues, and other clips that are socially sharable. The 6 p. Even the new SportsCenter AM bleeds into morning show territory with its new format.

What does it all mean? Done right, the new age show can be challenging, insightful, and funny. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.

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