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Wednesday, September 25, 2019 2:57:18 PM

Their schedule includes hundreds of live televised sporting events to suit a whole range of different tastes, spread across their brand new selection of dedicated channels. They also changed their subscription model to give you more control and enable you to only subscribe to the channels you want. Or alternatively, you can choose to receive the entire bundle.

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See it Bleacher Report Live might be able to help.

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The free app for iPhone and Android lists upcoming games across multiple sports leagues, and tells you which streaming services or TV channels you need to watch them.

And if you don't feel like paying for yet another subscription, the app will even direct you to the nearest bar where the game might be playing. It's a handy tool for cord-cutters as streaming sports rights become ever-more fragmented.

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Bleacher Report Live isn't exactly new. It first launched in January as "Catch Sports," but relaunched earlier this month with the new name and a design overhaul. The new app also offers a small number of free live sports streams, and will have more live sports later this year through a subscription service and on-demand purchases.

The app is owned by Turner, which is trying to spread its wings beyond traditional TV bundles. When you first launch the app, it asks you to create a login. On Android devices, I would avoid using the Google sign-in option for now, because doing that can prompt the app to request your contacts list.

You can then select some favorite teams whose games you'd like to be notified about.

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From there, you can look through a list of upcoming games, filter the list so that only certain sports appear, and search for specific teams or leagues. The app doesn't list everything--I didn't see any boxing, rugby, or cricket, for instance--but it covers all the major U.

Once you've found something you want to watch, just tap the "Ways to Catch" button and the app will list the streaming services and TV channels where it's available.

Introductory offer for new subscribers only.

You can also sign up to get alerts when the game starts. Unfortunately, Bleacher Report Live does not list individual streaming bundles as sources in most cases.

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Our streaming TV bundle guide can help you sort through all that. For the NBA Playoffs , it even lists TNT Overtime, the free streaming site that offers alternate camera angles and commentary instead of the main broadcast feed.

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As for bar listings, your mileage may vary by location. In my neck of Cincinnati, the app suggested one local bar for Reds games--I'm certain there are many others--along with a local high school and a college sports arena that most definitely do not have the games on TV.

A Turner spokesman says the company relies on proprietary data for these listings, and is still improving them. My guess is that users in larger cities will fare better. Mentioned in this article.

Soccer TV schedules for league and cup competitions

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