U20 Rugby World Cup 2018 Tv Schedule

Thursday, January 30, 2020 7:19:36 PM

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Rugby World Cup TV Coverage

He said there were "tens of thousands" of people who might not be able to access the service, but Spark would try to boost coverage to those areas by partnering with other broadband providers. Seven of 48 matches free, range of streaming options The Rugby World Cup will be held over six weeks in Japan between September and November next year and will feature 48 matches between 20 teams.

Mr Moutter said there would be seven of those games including the opening game and the final that would be broadcast live on free-to-air TV, but could not confirm the seven free games would include the All Blacks.

He said decisions about which matches would be broadcast live and delayed would be made in the near future. TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick said sporting events had a huge following, and live matches would be broadcast ad-free.

Sky Television, which has held the broadcasting rights for years, earlier announced it was no longer the preferred bidder, saying it was an economic reality that it could not have every match of every sport that New Zealanders liked to watch.

U20 rugby world cup tv schedule

Sky Television recently halved its cheapest plans following a loss of 37, customers in the second half of last year. New Zealanders will be able to stream the matches over their broadband or mobile connection, via an app that will be compatible with a wide range of devices - including TVs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

TVNZ will offer selected matches free-to-air. How much will it cost? Spark won't be releasing pricing details until next calendar year but intends to offer pricing options to suit people's differing preferences and budgets. This will include a full tournament package and individual match passes.

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Which games will be screened free-to-air via TVNZ? These details will be released in due course, but we can confirm there will be seven live matches screened free-to-air, and this will include the tournament's opening match and the final.

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We will be streaming the tournament over an app that will be available to all New Zealanders, no matter who their broadband or mobile provider is. The app will be compatible with a wide range of devices. It will be free to download and then matches and packages will be offered on a pay to watch basis.

Selected matches will be also be available free-to-air via TVNZ.

Where to watch the U20 Championship

What sort of free content might you offer online via the app? Those details will be released next year, but the content is likely to include - for example - highlights from the week's play or delayed full match content.

What about people who don't have good broadband coverage - particularly people in rural areas? The vast majority of New Zealanders can and do already access streaming services very effectively and that number continues to grow with UFB and RBI programmes roll-outs continuing.

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However, we are very mindful that in late , some people may still not have adequate coverage to stream the matches at home.

We want to do our best to give as many New Zealanders as possible to watch - so we are looking at a range of options.

We're not able to give any details right now. What tournaments are included?

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