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History[ edit ] World Championship Sports Network[ edit ] The channel was launched in as World Championship Sports Network WCSN ; it was co-founded by Claude Ruibal who served as its chairman and chief executive officer and Tom Hipkins who served as a member of the channel's board of directorswith the help of Carlos Silva its president and chief operating officer. InInterMedia Partners gained a majority ownership interest in the network. By MarchWCSN began to be carried on broadcast televisionthrough the digital subchannels of several stations owned by the Granite Broadcasting Corporation. Universal Sports[ edit ] NBC Universal entered into a partnership with InterMedia in which the former acquired a minority interest in the channel; in addition, on June 16,the network was rebranded as Universal Sports, incorporating a new logo with the NBC peacock. By Novemberall 10 of NBC's owned-and-operated stations had begun carrying the network on one of their digital subchannels.

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I'm in Champaign IL and it's the same story here with different channel numbers and The listings on the guide end at 2pm Friday, and the channels disappear completely on zap2it.

The channel will supposedly be available in less than 53 hours, so at this point we should already be able to see the corresponding listings on the guide, just as we can for every other channel. If the OC is going to fill the spots that are being vacated by UHD in the channel lineup, there has to be a way to publish the combined schedule in the guide and online listings instead of just showing "SIGN OFF" indefinitely beyond Friday.

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The reason "wait until Friday" is not good enough for me is that I may be leaving town before then. I know there will be a lot of OC programming I would like to record while I'm gone, but I currently have no ability to schedule any recordings beyond Sunday and even those would have to be set manually.

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  • Many have English or bilingual schedules.
  • Its programming consisted of hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure shows.
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The fact that customers are being kept completely in the dark about what's going to be on the air a mere 4 days from now is just utterly absurd. Please, Comcast, get your act together for once and do something here to prove that there's a shred of honesty to all those commercials you keep running about your commitment to customer service

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