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Wednesday, November 6, 2019 11:21:23 PM

Golf has and I hope still is a place where respect and competition and the discussions surrounding these aspects are challenged to meet higher standards. It was the case with Jack and Arnie and Lee and Gary. When Tom Weiskopf popped up on top one week everyone applauded it. Jack was not thrown under the bus that week.

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How to Watch: Fresno State Bulldogs vs UNLV Rebels on CBSSN

If you want to know why CBS Sports is not available in your region and how to change that — keep on reading. Get your game gear on and enjoy the show!

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Why does CBS Sports block certain viewers? This is due to copyright laws. It is a common practice for US TV channels to broadcast their content only to people who live in america.

This also means that you are not even able to watch your favorite shows if you are an US citizen during a holiday or a business trip.

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But there are ways to unblock that content even if you are outside the US. All you need is an IP adress from the US.

Please read below how to get one and the steps you need to take in order to view the content of CBS Sports. VPN: With VPN it is possible to produce a virtual tunnel to a huge selection of servers on the planet and deblock blocked pages.

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You subscribe to a service, install their free Virtual Private Network Solution and this way its possible to link to almost any country in the world. With awesome network speeds — perfect for video- streaming. Smart DNS: This is another way to gain access to blocked content.

So called Smart DNS provider offer you proxy server from certain countries.

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You have to replace them in your PC settings. After you have done that websites you are browsing assume you are from a different area where you actually are located. This depends on what you want to achieve.

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Both are good for unblocking websites. The main advantage of VPN services is that you also encrypt your internet traffic. On the other hand these accounts are usually a little bit cheaper. Therefore it is really a matter of your budget but both will enable you to watch CBS Sports on the device of your choice.

If you dont need the VPN after your trip abroad, just cancel it and get your money back.

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