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Success: Due to the high tournament viewing figures, the cost of broadcasting rights has soared Getty Images Rugby World Cup TV Coverage Fast becoming one of the most anticipated and watched sporting events in the world, the rights to televise the Rugby World Cup every four years have become sought after by most broadcasting companies. Considering the tournament was a huge success, the costs have soared.

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Main article: Rugby World Cup qualification Qualifying tournaments were introduced for the second tournament , where eight of the sixteen places were contested in a twenty-four-nation tournament.

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The remaining twelve positions were filled by continental qualifying tournaments. The first repechage place was determined by a match between the runners-up from the Africa and Europe qualifying tournaments, with that winner then playing the Americas runner-up to determine the place.

The last place is determined by an intercontinental play-off. Nations were divided into four pools, A through to D, of five nations each.

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The four highest-ranked teams were drawn into pools A to D. The next four highest-ranked teams were then drawn into pools A to D, followed by the next four.

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The remaining positions in each pool were filled by the qualifiers. If two or more teams are level on points, a system of criteria is used to determine the higher ranked; the sixth and final criterion decides the higher rank through the official World Rankings.

The knockout stage consists of quarter- and semi-finals, and then the final. The winner of each pool is placed against a runner-up of a different pool in a quarter-final.

The winner of each quarter-final goes on to the semi-finals, and the respective winners proceed to the final. Losers of the semi-finals contest for third place, called the 'Bronze Final'.

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If a match in the knockout stages ends in a draw, the winner is determined through extra time. If that fails, the match goes into sudden death and the next team to score any points is the winner. As a last resort, a kicking competition is used.

For the first time, most Rugby World Cup games will only be available online. RWC content will be streamed from our four data centres in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch to make sure you are close to the action.

It expanded to the Five Nations in , when France joined the tournament. France did not participate from to , during which period it reverted to a Home Nations championship.

In , Italy joined the competition, which became the Six Nations. France won the first gold medal, then Australasia, with the last two being won by the United States.

However rugby union ceased to be on Olympic program after The delegates from Australia, France, New Zealand and South Africa all voted for the proposal, and the delegates from Ireland and Scotland against; the English and Welsh delegates were split, with one from each country for and one against.

This tournament saw the introduction of a qualifying tournament; eight places were allocated to the quarter-finalists from , and the remaining eight decided by a thirty-five nation qualifying tournament.

The resumption of international rugby in South Africa came after the dismantling of the apartheid system, and was only done with permission of the African National Congress.

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The tournament included a repechage system, [27] alongside specific regional qualifying places, [28] and an increase from sixteen to twenty participating nations.

England emerged as champions defeating Australia in extra time.

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England's win was unique in that it broke the southern hemisphere 's dominance in the event. Such was the celebration of England's victory that an estimated , people gathered in central London to greet the team, making the day the largest sporting celebration of its kind ever in the United Kingdom.

South Africa claimed their second title by defeating defending champions England 15—6. The All Blacks reclaimed their place atop the rugby world with a narrow 8—7 win over France in the final.

In the edition of tournament , hosted by England, New Zealand once again won the final, this time against established rivals, Australia. In doing so, they became the first team in World Cup history to win three titles, as well as the first to successfully defend a title.

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It was also New Zealand's first title victory on foreign soil. The trophy is also referred to simply as the Rugby World Cup. The trophy was chosen in as an appropriate cup for use in the competition, and was created in by Garrard's Crown Jewellers.

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It stands thirty-eight centimetres high and is silver gilded in gold, and supported by two cast scroll handles, one with the head of a satyr , and the other a head of a nymph. The selection of host is decided by a vote of World Rugby Council members.

The allocation of a tournament to a host nation is now made five or six years prior to the commencement of the event, for example New Zealand were awarded the event in late The tournament has been hosted by multiple nations.

For example, the tournament was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

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World Rugby requires that the hosts must have a venue with a capacity of at least 60, spectators for the final. France will host the tournament. While the event's global popularity remains a matter of dispute, high interest in traditional rugby nations is well documented.

The final, between Australia and England, became the most watched rugby union match in the history of Australian television.

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